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For more than a decade, Liven Creative has worked with some of the UK tech industry’s most ambitious companies. From hardware manufacturers to platform developers and SaaS businesses – across sectors as diverse as the built environment, procurement, training, finance, telecoms, and IT – our clients share a desire to collaborate with us on technology branding that acts as a true engine for growth.

Our mantra for successful brand building
What constitutes a brand and how you build a successful one is subject to much conjecture but, through our extensive experience, we’ve honed it down to three core factors.

A Deliberately Different technology brand is authentic to itself, engagingly attractive to its audiences, and differentiated from its competition.

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Next-level technology branding services

Making a positive contribution to your success
Good reputations take time to build. That’s why we like to help our clients protect their investment at every step of the brand-building journey. From inception to launch and well beyond, we can collaborate throughout a brand’s lifecycle – always balancing creativity with pragmatic commercial realities to generate a positive, tangible impact on each and every one of our technology branding clients’ businesses.

A team steeped in technology branding expertise

We’ve worked with tech businesses in all stages of their lifecycle, from start-ups and scale-ups to national businesses and global enterprises. Over the last decade, our technology branding clients have included Acquire Services, CenturyLink, Collida, Dell, Mi Project Solutions, Samsung, Sony, and Strategic Imperatives.

An insight-led approach to technology branding

Shifting the focus of competition
The foundational stones of a robust brand strategy are particularly important for tech companies where products are mostly intangible – ones that are experienced through an on-screen interaction, on a device designed and made by someone else.

Tech products also tend to be in a state of constant beta and are subject to an almost infinite release cycle, where the latest features and functionality are under threat of being copied by competitors almost as soon as they’re released.

Building strong technology branding enables tech organisations to mitigate feature and price competition, allowing customers to buy into what the brand offers on an emotional level.

Paying due consideration to all your audiences
Technology companies also need to consider other audiences. For example, a competitive advantage can be gained from attracting and retaining the best and brightest staff. Employees are now looking to work for organisations they can believe in – ones that share their values. Strong technology branding articulates the core tenets that underpin corporate culture. Even stronger branding can express values from outside the group of people that immediately surround the founders.

Tech companies require investment to scale. A pitch deck with a compelling brand narrative will garner more attention than one that just states the facts in a superficial manner. Investors appreciate the clarity of purpose that having a well-defined brand can bring – it demonstrates the focus, diligence, and accountability of the leadership team. Brand equity is a measurable asset, after all, and a strong brand acts as a multiplier to the core value of a business.

Elevating product design
Lastly, a strong brand platform, coupled with a distinctive visual identity and tone of voice, can act as a framework for product development. The foundations of technology branding can – and should – influence everything from naming to UX and UI design, so that your product becomes a true expression of your brand.

Our approach

Six steps to success
Each client, each project, and each business context are different. But success comes to those that have a plan and execute it efficiently. Our proven process for building Deliberately Different brands has six phases. The exact tasks involved in each stage vary, but the overall arc of the technology branding process remains the same:

Discovery / Direction / Design / Development / Delivery / Deployment

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