How We Can Help

Although each one faces a unique set of circumstances, our clients are united by a need to adapt to significant and sometimes urgent change.

Catalysts for change

Which challenge could we help you overcome?

  • Imminent launch

    Whether it’s a new company or a new product, give your promising idea the best chance of success by building a solid strategic and creative foundation on which it can flourish.

  • Scale-up investment

    Investors have recognised your business’s potential. Targets are raised, expectations are increased, and scrutiny intensifies. Strengthen your brand so it can withstand the pressure.

  • Preparation for sale

    After years of hard work, you’re ready to initiate an exit strategy. But you need to maximise your return on investment. It’s time to make your offer as attractive and compelling as possible.

  • Change in leadership

    Got fresh ideas and a revitalised agenda? There is only a short window of opportunity to rally the troops and convince audiences. Clarify and amplify your strategy, identity and messaging.

  • Merger or Acquisition

    A considered rebranding program can expedite positive change, integrating cultures, promoting synergies, and presenting a united front to your customers, supply chain, investors and people.

  • Increased competition

    Is there a disruptive new market entrant? Has a new product, service or technology allowed a competitor to leapfrog your position? Have regulations changed? The fightback starts now.

  • Geographic expansion

    Will your brand translate effectively? Is there a local competitor that is too close for comfort? Are the associations in your name and logo still culturally relevant? Make sure it’s a ‘Bon voyage’.

  • Outdated identity

    Businesses grow and develop, tastes change, or competitive activity can make you look dated. A revitalised brand can sharpen relevance, revive enthusiasm and rekindle audience interest.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Get in touch, and let’s show your challenge who’s in charge.

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