Brand activation

Whether you’re applying a new brand identity, need to share your message with a wider audience or looking to build engagement with a compelling brand story, we can create a variety of brand materials that will raise awareness.

Brand activation services

Together we’ll discover the best channels to reach your audience to deliver on-brand impact and engagement. We’ll develop the concept, write the copy and recommend the visual approach. With dedicated project management to ensure your expectations are achieved on budget and on time.

  • Digital

    Screen-based interactions have become the preeminent touchpoints for almost every brand, especially those in the B2B space. From a meeting room screen to the phone in your pocket the distance between a brand and its varied audiences has never been closer, so it’s imperative to delight and impress with every on-screen opportunity.

    From site architecture to technical specification and wire-framing, UX and UI design to development and testing. We’ll make sure your customers enjoy an intuitive and engaging experience on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

    From brand guideline compliant templates to the bells and whistles of a fully-fledged sales deck, we can script, design, transition and animate your way to PowerPoint happiness. Other presentation applications are available.

    Motion graphics & video
    Google loves video almost as much as viewers, so increase engagement by telling a better, more compelling story in moving pictures. Put your motion assets to work on your website, in presentations, at trade shows, on your social media channels, even in your foyer. From animated logos that momentarily amplify a core tenet of your brand, to talking heads, voxpops, internal brand-films or town-hall presentations, launch promos, instructional videos, or infinite trade-show loops, we have the experience and network of trusted experts to bring your story to glorious, dynamic life.

    Social media
    Whichever social channel is most appropriate for your business, we can deliver a basic suite of avatars, logos, header images and concise descriptions – or we can craft individual posts or campaigns to support your brand, an internal comms or investor relations program, an ESG initiative, or a new product or service launch.

    With the plethora of digital channels now available to brands, sometimes the humble email gets overlooked. Whether it’s an html promotional panel that gets added to the email signature of every member of staff, or a regular opted-in newsletter that delivers added value to subscribers, email remains a powerful communications medium that punches well above its financial weight. We can provide on-brand templates, content strategy or even full editorial support.

  • Print

    If you are going to commit print to paper, you may as well make it memorable. Creative print delivers a host of opportunities to engage customers in a tactile way that is just not possible with digital media. Print is portable, physically shareable, and not dependent upon an internet connection. Giving your audience something tangible to interact with signals commitment and there is also something about the relative permanence of print that imbues it with inherent value.

    Corporate and product brochures
    Whether you are telling a brand story or marketing a product or service, a well-designed, well-written and well-produced brochure still has significant impact. High production values and interesting print techniques can elevate a piece of communication into something memorable and a reader’s physical interaction with the document make it an intrinsically more personal experience.

    Direct marketing
    Torrents of emails can lie unopened in an inbox or be confined to spam. Generic and untargeted approaches on Linkedin are easy to dismiss. When something physical lands on a recipient’s desk, it is hard for them to ignore. With many people working more flexibly, making sure your address data is clean and current is vital, but we think the value of a highly personal approach makes the effort worthwhile.

    Businesses and brands create documents, especially in B2B industries. In fact, a report can often be what their clients are paying for – so it is essential that intellectual products are delivered completely in line with the brand and visual identity. From simple layout guidelines and MS Word templates to bespoke Word-based integrations with document management systems that incorporate self-populating contents pages and more, we have the network of expertise to improve accuracy and productivity and make your documentation shine.

    Event and sponsorship collateral
    Perhaps you’re organising a launch event, an annual leadership retreat or all-staff get together, or meet and greet occasions for existing or potential customers. Maybe you are heading out to a tradeshow or undertaking a series of pop-up events at different locations around the country. Alternatively, you might be offering hospitality at or sponsoring an event, location or team. Whatever you’re planning, you’ll need to inform people what’s happening, invite them to come, reward them for their participation or give them a memento. We can support your event with memorable on-brand collateral.

  • Promotion

    Successful brands translate across channels and media and on-location executions provide further opportunities to surprise and delight – bringing both the visual identity and core tenets of your brand to life. For both internal and external audiences experiences now really matter. For customers they demonstrate how deeply a brand is embedded into the fabric and culture of an organisation and for staff they both encourage and reward people for ‘living the brand’.

    Workplace branding and signage
    According to Philip Kotler, renowned business author and marketing expert, ‘Place’ is one of the core elements of the marketing mix. Whether it’s an office or a factory, a call centre or a retail store, the location inhabited by a brand should be an eloquent articulation of its values and personality. If you believe in clarity, make it easy for people to find their way around. If you state that ‘innovation’ is core to your brand, express this desire in the way your workplace looks and functions. From colour choice to lighting, wall graphics to wayfinding signage, together with our roster of trusted collaborators, we can make your brand feel at home.

    Trade shows, pop-ups and events
    Most brands don’t often get the chance to dictate almost every aspect of an environment and experience. Trade shows, pop-ups and other business events provide the opportunity to give audiences a deep-dive into your brand world. From the way a brand expresses its visual identity in context, to the content being communicated, and the nature of the experience being shared, everything can be oriented to support and amplify your core brand narrative.

    Vehicle livery & uniforms
    Coherence and consistency matters. Details matter. Your people are ambassadors for your brand, your vehicles are mobile advertising hoardings. We can help make sure every encounter that your audiences have is considered and positive. From a security lanyard to protective workwear, from a customer courtesy vehicle to a fully branded delivery fleet, we can set your brand in motion.

    Everyone loves a freebie. So, from trade show handouts to internal launch collateral or customer event goodybags, we can help you get your logo and messages into the hands or onto the heads and backs of your intended audiences.

  • Internal communications

    We fundamentally believe that brands are built from the inside out: a brand launch does not end with the guidelines; brand communication is not solely for customers; the alignment of culture and behaviour with the core tenets of a brand is an ongoing process as people leave and new team members are recruited. How are potential customers meant to believe in your brand promise if it is not understood and supported by the actions and attitudes of your all employees.

    Brand building is not the sole preserve of the marketing department, a good brand strategy should resonate through the leadership team, finance, human resources, logistics, research and development, operations, manufacturing, procurement, IT, maintenance and any other field of activity. We believe that good internal communications should utilise all the on-screen, on paper and on location opportunities listed below to help build brand engagement and alignment throughout an organisation so that every member of staff becomes a valuable brand ambassador.

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