Brand strategy is the thinking, research and planning that goes into creating a great brand. We work collaboratively with you to uncover your unique strengths and values and find out more about your customers and your ambitions. Armed with the right insights, we’re in great shape to deliver you a clear and compelling brand, that emotionally connects with your customers.

Our Strategy
Brand Workshops

We’ll to get to know your business inside out, by asking your leadership team the big questions; like why your brand exists and what it really stands for. We then prod, probe and challenge, in search of the compelling truths that will help make you stand out.

We’re fascinated by what makes brands unique, so we absolutely love the discovery phase, because it reveals new ways of looking at your business, which ignites fresh thinking and new ideas. Running our brand workshops as the starting point for your brand strategy, puts truth at the heart of the process and leads to better creative results.

Competitor Reviews

We’ll run a comprehensive review of your competitors, to help us make better-informed design decisions – to create you a new brand that’s as unique as your business.

Target audience

Profiling your audience is a powerful way to identify, attract and retain the people who’ve been waiting for a brand like yours to come along.

We’ll define your target customer by looking at their income, occupation, age, location, professional background, pain points, business goals, and other insights, to give us a better understanding of their needs and wants.

This persona work helps us to develop the right brand to connect with your ideal customers in a more meaningful way.

Tone of Voice

How you say something is just as important as what you say. The right tone of voice helps you get your message across to your ideal customer, loud and clear.

With a better understanding of your target audience and a clearly defined vision and core values, we can develop a distinctive tone of voice that clicks with your audience.

Brand Values

Your core values should inform everything you do as a business; your company character, how you communicate, your personal and professional principles or even the way you deal with your customers. Your brand values might include things like ‘integrity’, ‘trust, ‘accountability’, or even ‘humour’ and ‘fun’.

We can help you identify your brand values and how they can impact the way you work. If they’re already in place, we can check them over for you. Either way, we’ll make sure your unique values shine through stronger than ever in your brand.


Your purpose as a business is the reason you exist. It’s why you and your team, does what it does. As well as needing to know how you can help them, your customers will want to know – why? Why do you do what you do? What are you trying to achieve? What’s your reason for being? We help you define and communicate your purpose to your customers, so it resonates and makes them want to work with you even more.


To define your company vision, we need clarity about where you want to take your business in the future. To help with this, we’ll ask you a series of questions around what your business does, how you help your customers, what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them.

Taking time out from the everyday busyness of running your company to consider these questions in more depth, can really shine a light on your ambition and help define what a successful future looks like.

Brand Positioning

A brand positioning statement sums up in a short, memorable sentence – what you do, who for and how it benefits them. We can help you create a clear, powerful positioning statement that clicks with both your colleagues and your customers.

Value Proposition

Your brand value proposition tells your customer what you do, what makes you different (USP) and what value you provide. We’ll develop a singular proposition that describes your brand and its benefits, in your company tone of voice.

Creative Brand Strategy

Once we’ve got your brand foundations in place, we’ll pull these elements together visually to create a cohesive and compelling brand identity, to differentiate your brand from its competitors. This will include a strategically designed colour palette, image styling, graphics, typography, icons and more.

We’ll also develop your new logo, strapline and typography. Colours and how they work together, is a key aspect of brand recognition, so we’ll consider Pantones, CMYK and RGB and how they work across print and digital channels. Ultimately, your brand’s new visual language will work seamlessly wherever it appears and leave a lasting impression on your customers. ver it appears, and leave lasting impressions.

Yours strategically

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