Who we are

Since 2010, we’ve been helping ambitious businesses discover what makes them unique, to build them Deliberately. Different brands – that propel them to growth.

To compete, you have to stand out. You need your ideal customers to stop and take notice. Easier said than done, but luckily for you that’s where we shine. Coming into your business with a fresh pair of eyes, we tease out what it is that makes you different – to build you a brand that’s Distinctively. Deliberately. Different.

Our Purpose

To empower ambitious businesses to
confidently challenge the status quo,
with a brand that has lasting impact.

Our Values


Energetic. Exploring. Open Minded. Sparking Creativity. Inspiring big brand ideas.


Considered. Measured. Empathetic. We care for our clients. Build long-term partnerships. Collaboration all the way.


Energy. Hands on. Dedicated and Passionate. Committed to brand excellence.


Unplug. Unwind. Do something different. Rested minds and energised souls – lead to great ideas.

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We like to give back

Helping others is central to what Liven is all about. Every month, we give a pro-bono day of our time to worthy causes, and we support charities in a range of other ways including sponsorship, donations, fundraising and helping them with their brand marketing.

Meet the team


We’re a team of strong individuals; each bringing something different to the table. Our unique personal perspectives along with our ability to craft strong, unified brand ideas, is key to cutting through the noise to create compelling brands for our clients.

Andrew Myles

Founder & Managing Director

Andrew loves nothing more than coming up with great ideas for exciting and impactful brand identities, that help companies stand out. His obsession with the ‘big idea’ pushes him to develop evermore unique and inspiring brand concepts that drive our customers’ businesses forward.

In his down time, Andrew’s obsessed with motorsport and loves snowboarding, mountain-biking, climbing, horse riding… and getting his son ready for school in the morning.

Andrew’s happy place is a family day out at the beach with the dog, surf boards, swimming (full wetsuit, thank you very much), sand castles and at the end of the day – making our way to the local pub to watch the sunset over the sea.

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James Glass

Founder & Business Growth Director

Problem solver, proven leader and trusted advisor, James has built a distinguished career on exceptional branding and digital projects for national and international clients. He’s driven by an insatiable desire to deliver exceptional work for his clients and build longstanding and fruitful relationships.

James is also a dedicated husband and father, a budding chef (and reluctant healthy eater), a lover of all things sci-fi, and a perennially frustrated Arsenal fan.

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Sarah Pearson

Client Services Director

A strategic marketer at the top of her game, Sarah is passionate about brand communication that excites and influences people. A conscientious, collaborative and creative team player, she’s got a knack for improving brand communication to create real business impact.

At home and at work, she’s always thinking about the next thing – from planning projects and deadlines to getting socials and family adventures in the diary.

Sarah’s happy place is snuggled up on the sofa with her son and husband, watching a movie that makes them all laugh… after a long walk and a healthy dinner, of course.

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Shaughn McGurk

Brand Strategist

I am an award winning creative and seasoned brand strategist. Clients and colleagues benefit from my more than thirty years’ experience working for start-ups, scale-ups, multinational corporations and household name brands across multiple and varied business sectors.

I’ve been called ‘a convincing advocate for design’s contribution to business’ and I love the process of revelation and realisation that occurs when I’m collaborating with clients to discover and articulate the stories that will provide a robust foundation for their future success. With every project, my ambitions are the same; to help build a brand that is authentic to itself, relevant to its audiences and differentiated from its competition.

When I’m not putting words to work, you’ll find me navigating the fluid terrain that is family life with teenage children; indulging my passion for all things automotive; cooking over a live fire; making something with wood; or trying to improve as a gardener. There will definitely be music playing and I’ll usually be wearing a hat.

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Senior Brand Designer


Eager beaver? Talented team player? Conscientious collaborator? Proactive people-person? Look no further. We’d like to talk to you. Reach out and say hi.

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