Brand aftercare

We’re committed to our clients’ ongoing success so, for us, a project doesn’t finish when we hand over the guidelines or when the website goes live. Finishing the project isn’t the end, but the start of what should be a continuous and consistent brand-building program.

Brand aftercare services

People require management, training and development to thrive; assets such buildings, machinery, vehicles and technology all require maintenance and care. The same is true for your brand.

  • Brand training

    Brands are built from the inside out. For your teams to represent your brand convincingly to your external audiences, your people first need to understand and align with your brand’s strategic tenets. Scheduled well in advance of an external launch, we offer a personalised training program designed to build confidence and embed your brand story with employees.

    We can take your other agencies or in-house creative, marketing or communications teams through a practical deep-dive into your new brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice – giving them the background knowledge, understanding, tools and assets necessary to deliver on-brand at every opportunity.

    We can also work with your wider cohort of staff from across lines of service – after all, everyone should be equipped to be an effective ambassador for your brand. We’ll tailor our program to your specific requirements, but our general approach would be to first introduce participants to the concept of branding and how effective brand building requires everyone to push in the same direction – that their contribution, irrespective of their job role is valued and important.

    Next, we would usually take people through a precis of the brand development process so they can understand the thinking and decisions that influenced the journey and end result.

    Then we would introduce them to the core tenets of the brand strategy, the various elements of the visual identity and tone of voice if appropriate.

    Finally, there would be a session where individuals can generate ideas about how to integrate on-brand thinking and actions into their daily activity.

    If budget allows, we recommend that participation is encouraged or rewarded with branded merchandise or a document such as a brand book. We can also liaise with HR teams to provide collateral that would support the inclusion of a brand induction session into the onboarding process for new employees.

  • Brand portals

    Our aim is always to make the path of least resistance lead to an on-brand result. Using the correct brand assets or finding approved imagery should be quick and easy, not a laborious, time-consuming chore. Establishing a digital brand portal makes every visual asset you have available to your teams at the touch of a button. No more lost high-resolution images, no more incorrect file format logos sent to your suppliers. Just efficient brand roll out time after time.

  • Brand guardianship

    A brand guardian can play a multi-faceted role: from brand helpdesks providing guidance on the application of a visual identity, to brand advocacy in projects being undertaken by non-marketing or communications teams; from annual brand audits to assess cross-organisation guideline compliance, to briefing and reviewing outside agencies or in-house teams; we can act as your outsourced brand champion helping to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

  • Website hosting & maintenance

    Your website is your window to the world, often the first place a prospective customer employee, supplier or investor will visit when they are on the journey of discovery about your brand. Providing a great experience online is mission-critical, so we think scrimping on your hosting is a false economy. A website that doesn’t work damages your brand’s reputation and loses you custom. Our hosting package minimises downtime and delivers the peace of mind that comes from collaborating with the UK’s largest independent cloud provider.

    The underlying technology of every website is fluid and subject to almost constant change and development. If you ignore updates, your website is increasingly likely to break. Working with our trusted development partners, our maintenance contracts mean your site gets a regular health-check and update, we also operate a ticketing system so help can be provided quickly if anything else goes wrong.

  • PPC, SEO & Analytics

    If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Instead of just waiting for people to bump into them, successful brands actively drive traffic to their websites. Offline communications, PR activity and all the other activation channels help, but you need to make Google your friend. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and effective Search Engine Optimisation (SED) can help your site move higher up the Google results, making a prospective customer, investor, collaborator, or candidate more likely to end up at your website.

    Website analytics enable you to collect and investigate the data surrounding who is visiting your site and what they are doing there. The insights this provides can help you to refine messaging and promotional campaigns to target your audiences even more effectively.

    It takes expert knowledge to implement these technologies effectively. So, we work with a finely honed roster of specialist collaborators who we trust to recommend to our clients.

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