Mi Project Solutions

The power of data redefined

Mi Project Solutions provide a suite of digital services for companies working in the built environment. They help their customers – such as primary contractors, leading frameworks, specialist sub-contractors, and asset owners – to be more efficient, cost-effective, compliant, and accountable.

The built environment industry is littered with the remains of poorly thought-out digital solutions that secured minimal take-up from a sector renowned for being slow to change and embrace new ways of working. Liven Creative was tasked with getting under the skin of this forward-thinking company and making a real difference.

The company offers three products: Mi Performance, which guarantees framework and project compliance; Mi Pre-enrolment, which delivers training at scale; and Mi Social, which accurately measures the social value of a project. Facilitating workshops focused on each solution, we drilled down into the different target audience groups, defined key messaging, and articulated the offer. Subsequently, we created the core tenets for the overall brand including their vision, values, positioning, and proposition statement.

A new strapline, ‘Digital Assurance’, concisely articulates the core brand thinking and service offer: to provide the built environment industry with project and social assurance – the kind that can only exist thanks to the power of data and pioneering digital technology.

The distinctive symbol beautifully combines two key elements – data represented in the form of bar charts and the initials of the company M & I. The wordmark uses bespoke, contemporary typography to reflect a company at the forefront of its industry. The striking colour palette is designed to ensure Mi Project Solutions stands out from the crowd.

Bespoke patterns – inspired by data transfer; isometric, abstract, architectural illustrations; an extensive suite of custom icons; and a unique visual style for cropping images all combine to create a rich visual vocabulary that delivers recognisable consistency across all touchpoints.

The new website introduces the updated visual identity and provides a overview of all the solutions on offer.

Nurturing enduring relationships is fundamental to the success of Mi Project Solutions, as it is with most B2B focused organisations. To support this activity, a range of branded merchandise was developed for use as trade show hand-outs, incentives and meeting leave-behinds.

Full brand guidelines give Mi Projects Solutions all the information needed to roll out their new brand thinking and visual identity. Liven Creative continue to provide ongoing support and brand guardianship. Have a project in mind, then give us a call on 01483 331250 or email us at hello@livencreative.co.uk to get the ball rolling.