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EVM is Europe’s leading multi-person vehicle manufacturing and conversion specialist. They create everything from highly-specified luxury carriers to robust and comfortable public service minibuses, safe and adaptable school vehicles and standard-setting accessible transportation solutions.

After a decade of growth, EVM is recognised by dealers and owners for their quality, reliability and innovative engineering, producing vehicles that stand up to rigorous safety standards, stand the test of time and stylishly stand apart at the curbside. EVM called in Liven Creative to elevate their brand to the same level as their product range and customer service.

Our discovery process included a deep dive into all their published materials, a competitor audit, factory visits and facilitated conversations with the leadership team. This research provided us with the insight and material necessary to develop a complete brand platform and positioning.

EVM’s brand architecture also needed addressing. The UK sales function is a separate legal entity from the manufacturing company, but both organisations shared a website and, to an outside observer, appeared to be the same company. While this arrangement was initially satisfactory, a decade of growth had seen new dealer relationships established across Europe. Hence, the relationship between the manufacturer and its dealer network required clarification. Liven resolved the issue with a simple monolithic architecture that futureproofs the organisation for continued geographic expansion.

Once the strategic development was complete, work started on a new visual identity and tone of voice to amplify the brand’s core tenets.

In written terms, we first developed an overarching narrative to help any writer get into the EVM headspace before they start to work. Then we gave voice to EVM’s agreed brand values and provided a lexicon with which they could articulate their core strengths without consistently repeating themselves. We also developed a headline framework to bring the core brand story of precision engineering to the forefront of all their communications.

The new logo also represents precision, with bespoke typography ensuring that the three letters of the wordmark fit together perfectly. The symbol alludes to smooth motion, like reflections in a minibus window as it passes by.

The symbol also plays a part in the broader visual identity, acting as a picture box for photographs and inspiring the ‘precision frame’ graphic device. A monochromatic colour palette delivers a sense of professionalism and quality, while a vibrant green highlight adds personality, energy, and inspiration.

We paid particular attention to photography to deliver a more engaging and appropriate visual narrative across all communications channels. We identified four genres: primary, product, precision and people, and provided art direction guidelines for each. A unique style of primary photography, that always includes a flash of corporate green, was established for use on covers, web page headers, and environmental applications.

Comprehensive guidelines and a digital toolkit provided EVM with everything required for an impactful brand rollout, including vehicle branding, business stationery and on-screen presentations, brand and product advertising, signage and workplace graphics, and merchandise.

We are also delighted to be helping with the brand launch by designing and writing a new range brochure – putting every element of the new visual identity to work and creating an artefact of which EVM can be proud.

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Kind words

If you want to work with a dedicated and collaborative agency, then look no further than Liven Creative. The team immersed themselves to understand our business and the challenges our brand needed to overcome. As a result, our brand strategy, architecture and identity now allow us to capitalise on the opportunities ahead of us with clarity and consistency.

Peter Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director, EVM Ltd