Creating better brand engagement and activation

As the UK’s leading supplier of concrete and natural stone products for hard landscaping, Marshalls have been creating better spaces since 1890. Renowned for their quality and innovation, you can see Marshalls’ products in some of the UK’s most prestigious landmarks, such as Trafalgar Square, in thriving community and town spaces and many homes across the country.

With their brand well established and a five-year strategic plan in place, Marshalls looked to Liven Creative to help them create brand preference for their commercial products through activation campaigns.

Following intensive workshops to uncover insights about their target audiences and improve our product understanding, we formulated a creative approach to build relationships and engage with those responsible for built environment projects.

Creating compelling brand stories that our client could communicate consistently was central to our approach. Marshalls had to give their target audiences clear reasons to choose them over their competition. Using a brand story framework, we have created a series of communications to quickly respond to external factors and customer needs.

Bricks and Masonry
With UK housebuilders grappling with how to achieve the government house building and net-zero targets, we created a pathway to understanding. Our narrative communicated how today’s innovative concrete bricks could help housebuilders achieve their sustainability strategies with the certainty of product performance.

We created a suite of collateral, delivered at relevant touchpoints, that aimed to eradicate out-of-date preconceptions, educate and engage Commercial, Technical and Sustainability Directors.

Civils and Drainage
Across the built environment sector, water management and civil engineering products tend to suffer from a focus on their functional performance. This dull reputation underestimates their importance and vital role in supporting our cities, towns, and housing developments – helping make them safe and pleasant places for people to live.

With new a product to launch into an already competitive market, we reimagined the message hierarchy to improve standout and engagement. We developed communications that galvanised the emotional benefits of products previously marketed with purely rational logic. As a result, the brand narrative became more approachable without ignoring Marshalls’ technical expertise and the proficiency of their products.

Landscape Protection
The imminent Protect Duty Legislation aims to make public spaces safer for people to use. We created a thought-leadership strategy that positioned Marshalls as experts in the field, helping private and public sectors prepare for their new legal responsibilities.

The new brand narrative champions the legislative changes as a force for good, explaining how compliance will help mitigate the risk of a terrorist attack and also help to prevent intended or accidental impacts. We also emphasised how compliance might benefit councils and venue owners through reduced insurance premiums and reputational enhancement. The communication program was delivered through social media, webinars and press coverage and continues to influence those responsible for public spaces.

Effective and considered storytelling demonstrates how businesses, such as Marshalls, are solving real and pressing problems for their customers. Getting the story right effectively and memorably differentiates a brand from its competitors.

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Kind words

Working with Liven Creative has given our communications increased focus and allowed us to break through to new audiences, engage more convincingly with our core targets and help us achieve our strategic objectives.”

Paul Chandler, Marketing Director, Marshalls