Qualifying a new brand for pole position

GP Box is a digital marketplace for the world’s largest selection of motor racing related art, parts, gifts, collectables and memorabilia. It provides a secure platform where motorsport fans and car enthusiasts can browse and buy the products they crave from a global community of independent vendors. GP Box approached Liven Creative to help create a new visual identity for the marketplace and set the brand’s overall creative direction.

The classic visual vernacular of high-performance automotive competition: racing circuits; team liveries; driver numbers and pit crew uniforms; chequered flags; television graphics; and the frenetic sensation of speed – all inspire the new GPBox identity.

With GPBox accelerating the platform’s development, we provided overall creative direction and fine-tuned the visual style to resonate with their target audiences.

The juxtaposition of vibrant red and rich black, evocative of hot engines and ragged tyres, reflects the passion and adrenalized excitement the sport inspires. The combination of extended and condensed typefaces is analogous to the extremes of furious acceleration and intense braking that constitute a flying lap. Evocative imagery, engaging typography and appropriate graphic elements battle for contention in the layered race for the viewers’ attention.

We considered everything, from how the client introduced new vendors to how they communicated recent motorsport news. As the motorsport community celebrates precision engineering as an art form and treats memorabilia like quasi-religious or archaeological artefacts, we made sure that the design gave appropriate reverence to featured products with plenty of visual space.

The rich visual vocabulary gives GPBox the scope to develop their digital applications into immersive and engaging user experiences. It also provides the creative springboard for an evolving collection of attractive and potentially lucrative merchandise.

Clear guidelines provide GPBox with an efficient pit crew to support the ongoing development of their brand, making sure they remain in pole position as the number one collectables marketplace for motorsport fans around the globe.

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Kind words

The results speak for themselves, bold, striking and confident. Liven Creative’s rare combination of branding expertise, and motorsport industry experience made them the ideal partner for this project. They drove this project with skill and enthusiasm, from lights out to chequered flag, hitting the apex at every turn. A podium finish!

Pol Sancho, Director, Founder, GPBox