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Liven Creative has a long history of helping grow and champion brands within the construction industry. We’ve worked alongside some of the UK’s most pioneering primary contractors, providing construction branding services across the built environment, and at a range of levels. We’ve launched, refreshed, and recharged divisions and whole companies alike through insight-driven design, strategy, and intelligent activations.

Our mantra for successful brand building
What constitutes a brand and how you build a successful one is subject to much conjecture but, through our extensive experience, we’ve honed it down to three core factors.

A Deliberately Different construction brand is authentic to itself, engagingly attractive to its audiences, and clearly differentiated from its competition.

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Rock-solid construction branding services

Making a positive contribution to your success
We can help construct the very foundations of a new brand, or supplement what’s already in place with uniquely-positioned activations. That might mean defining what a brand-new company looks, feels, and sounds like, or it might mean tactical campaign work that turns heads and brings industry issues to life. Our construction branding work includes workshops, websites, mission statements, digital assets, and comms and marketing material.

Construction branding: Our Experience

We work alongside market-leading construction industry clients who trust us to architect their brand experience with care and attention. In the construction branding space, we enjoy fantastic working relationships with Willmott Dixon, Wates, Mace, and Marshalls plc., providing brand strategy, brand identity, brand activation, and brand aftercare services.

Insight-driven construction branding

Brand Reputation is king
In the construction industry, successes and failures are long-remembered – and reputation is hard-earned. That being the case, it’s more important in construction than in perhaps any other industry to focus on building a robust brand experience that can develop your reputation while you sleep.

That means a compelling and curated digital strategy; one that can supplement your bricks-and-mortar output with finely-tuned construction branding excellence. It means developing a uniform, proactive and omnichannel brand that earns a place in the industry’s memory. And it means thinking brand-first, rather than product or project-first.

Define your business’ place in the industry
Jack of all, master of none? Probably not. Most companies in the construction industry fulfill a specific role – one that makes people choose them over any others, for any given project. Fully embodying that role through tailored brand building is the best way to build a business known for low churn, high customer retention, and a strong reputation. All without narrowing your scope or vision for what comes next.

Throughout our construction branding process, we’ll help you identify and embrace what keeps your customers coming back – and use it to create a brand experience that builds layers of intelligent strategy on top, brick by brick.

A strong brand identity inspires employees
The construction industry attracts people who’re galvanised by hard work, craftsmanship, and exacting standards – so your brand needs to do the same. Construction branding that speaks to quality and pride, while also showing people exactly what you stand for, is the main way you’ll attract and keep the industry’s top talent.

What’s more: the people with boots on the ground are your brand’s strongest advocates. They’re the ones who’ll spread the word – good and bad – so it’s important that they’re armed with an airtight vision of what your brand is, how it conducts itself, and what its vision is for the future.

Defining or recharging the brand experience is the simplest way to showcase your strengths to the people who matter most.

Our approach

Six steps to success
Each client, each project, and each business context are different. But success comes to those that have a plan and execute it efficiently. Our proven process for building Deliberately Different brands has six phases. The exact tasks involved in each stage vary, but the overall arc of the technology branding process remains the same:

Discovery / Direction / Design / Development / Delivery / Deployment

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