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Liven Creative believes it’s possible to positively impact the planet and our clients’ brand experiences at the same time. As an agency, we’re a staunchly climate-positive team, a certified carbon-neutral organisation, and are now on our way to B Corp accreditation. We love working with businesses who share our commitment to leaving the planet better than we found it, and pride ourselves on being a sustainable branding agency that puts our money where our mouth is when it comes to climate issues.

Our mantra for successful brand building
What constitutes a brand and how you build a successful one is subject to much conjecture but, through our extensive experience, we’ve honed it down to three core factors.

A Deliberately Different horticultural brand is authentic to itself, engagingly attractive to its audiences, and clearly differentiated from its competition.

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Sustainable branding agency services

As a sustainable branding agency, we’re passionate about minimising our impact on the planet. But we’re also capable of helping you define everything your initial branding tenets to your visual and verbal identity across – every touchpoint you can think of. That means websites, logos, strategic activations, comms, and aftercare for brands big and small. And, all the while, we can help ensure that your brand’s climate goals are staying firmly on track.

Our sustainable branding agency experience

We have a long history of helping companies to communicate their sustainability credentials in powerful, insight-driven ways. As a sustainable branding agency, our brand activation work has enabled companies of all shapes and sizes to convey complex propositions, navigate shifting ESG landscapes, and articulate exactly why prospects should want to engage with them.

Sustainable branding agency insight

Consumers are hungry for sustainable brands
Recent research shows that 86% want companies to stand for social issues, and 64% of them are likely to buy more from the ones that match their principles. So there’s a huge impetus on brands of all sizes to proactively showcase their sustainability credentials.

That can’t be a tokenistic gesture, though; consumers want to see a sustainable and socially-focussed ethos that permeates everything from product design to the brand’s very personality. At Liven Creative, we can help you bring your responsible, sustainable side to the fore. is one that values supporting the environment as highly as supporting its clients. So we know how to intertwine planet-first thinking into the core tenets of a brand, and how to leverage that sense of social responsibility to create loyal clients and customers.

A corporate ESG content strategy puts brands at a competitive advantage
It’s a bold new world – one in which proudly championing your environmental, social, and governance chops is as important as talking up your products or services. We know customers expect today’s brands to have much stronger morals than in the past, but actively marketing those morals can be a huge area for growth.

As a sustainable branding agency, we’ve helped a raft of businesses move the needle in powerful new ways by focussing on the ethics behind their bottom line – rather than shying away from them – and by actively showcasing what’s being done to help the planet and its people. That kind of purposeful marketing can speak much louder than a product showcase ever could.

A sustainable brand strategy matters
How you present yourself to the world has become much more than just an exercise in shipping great products or services. Your brand strategy now needs to have your environmental and ethical goals intrinsically tied to it, to the point where it becomes part of your company’s identity.

That might mean completely rebranding to make good on that ethos. It might mean putting a sharper focus on sustainability across your visual or verbal identity. Or it might mean utilising intelligently-tailored activations that can help inform your customers exactly what you stand for. As a sustainable branding agency, we can help renew those efforts.

Our approach

Six steps to success
Each client, each project, and each business context are different. But success comes to those that have a plan and execute it efficiently. Our proven process for building Deliberately Different brands has six phases. The exact tasks involved in each stage vary, but the overall arc of the technology branding process remains the same:

Discovery / Direction / Design / Development / Delivery / Deployment

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