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Brand recognition through direct mail

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30 November, 2017

Many are missing out on an economical and effective way to boost brand recognition…

Things have changed
While many brands have turned away from direct mail to focus solely on digital, direct mail has moved on. At Liven Creative, we believe direct mail has made a positive comeback and shed many of its negative connotations, and is now a key part of a savvy strategy for building brand recognition. Why? Well, because there’s less of it out there these days, and therefore less competition for cut-through, so you no longer need to ‘shout’ with your messaging. Yet it’s actually working just as hard – if not harder – to support brand recognition.

Brand recognition through better campaign fulfilment
There are also far more refined lead-generation techniques at our disposal these days, and non-invasive ways to follow up direct mail campaigns and use this rich information to further fine-tune your messaging. That’s right – direct mail has returned as a powerful brand recognition tool that turns more of its recipients into curious visitors, informed enquirers, and ultimately, new customers.

Call on the experts
Liven Creative, we’ve proven experience in creating impactful and effective direct mail campaigns that support your digital presence. If course, we’re also experts in the digital side of things, and in defining and implementing the best combinations of marketing approaches to support your growth and continuing success. We work closely with brands and businesses to create carefully balanced digital and print campaigns that complement and enhance each other and secure brand recognition in meaningful and measureable ways.

Discuss direct mail and brand recognition with the experts
Perhaps it’s time to talk to Surrey-based design agency Liven Creative about how our direct mail insights and expertise can provide powerful and cost-effective ways to secure and sustain brand recognition.

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