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What happens when you Google logo design uk?

As a branding agency, we love helping ambitious businesses prepare for growth, so there aren’t many things more exciting than when a new client approaches us with a brief in hand.

18 August, 2017

Things like ‘Free logo design uk ’, ‘online logo creator’, ‘Your new company logo design for just £25’, and so on. It’s not that we weren’t aware of this end of the market – just that we maybe weren’t aware of how widespread and competitive it is. Plus, it’s so far removed from the in-depth creative process we take our clients through to achieve their identity design, that perhaps we need to highlight the difference between what you get from a quick Google of ‘ logo design uk ’ and a discussion with the team at Liven Creative.

‘Not’ logo design uk
As an established and respected creative design agency, we believe in two things. Firstly, in concept-led design – and secondly, in being proactive with our clients. In that sense, we’re happy NOT to be on the first-page results of a ‘ logo design uk ’ search!

The Liven Creative approach
The most effective logo design process begins with a meeting, so we can better understand you, your business and your aspirations. We want to nail down what makes you different, define your strengths and assess your market position. We want to hear about your customers, competitors and target audiences. This way, when we create an identity it’s a true representation of your brand – and sits right with you and your employees as well as your existing and potential customers.

Central to all of this is your logo design. It’s not going to be free, or even £25 – but it will be infinitely more effective and authentic than anything you’ll currently find on a ‘ logo design uk ’ Google.

The way we see it, selling on price in the creative industries is your downfall. We sell all of our services, including identity design, based on its enduring value. This can often be hard to describe or quantify, but clients who trust our expertise soon discover for themselves the difference investing in us can make.

logo design uk – there is a better way
If you’re looking for genuine expertise with regards to logo design, and results that stand your brand head and shoulders above those that started by searching ‘ logo design uk ’ – all you need is to get in touch with Liven Creative. We’re a fully integrated agency based in Surrey, and work with a variety of clients across the UK. Among them are inspiring individuals, growing businesses and international enterprises. Strangely enough, none of them Googled ‘ logo design uk ’. Or if they did, they experienced the same uneasy sensation as us!

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