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How to announce a rebrand

Rebranding a company is a big deal, but it needn’t be a scary endeavour. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring your rebranding announcement lands with impact.

10 May, 2023

How to launch a rebrand?

It’s time to let people see what your rebranding has achieved. Our advice would be to communicate things internally before your big rebrand announcement goes public. Walk the company through your new strategic brand tenets and visual identity.

People find it easier to act their way into thinking differently rather than thinking their way into a behavioural change, so make it easy for people to engage by developing a raft of communications and activities, having a town hall meeting, or celebrating with an event.

This initiative will make sure all your people are fluent in your new brand before it is exposed to your external audiences. If your people understand your brand, then so will your customers.

Let the ripples spread out from the centre, so next on your list should be your key existing clients or accounts and those hot prospects close to converting – as well as your mission-critical suppliers or investors. Don’t make it a surprise; give them exclusive advance notice of your rebrand with communications and participatory events that recognise and reward their significance.

Lastly, it’s time to roll out your PR and marketing machine to address your external audiences. Draft a rebranding launch press release and hold media events for relevant trade magazines and influencers. Develop a cross-media campaign for every platform and channel, so your rebrand announcement is consistent.

Introduce people to the new visual identity and explain its strategic rationale. Support the launch by being responsive and giving sound answers to questions on your social channels or trade press.

What to do next?

Of course, these tips are the top-level headlines; each stage deserves ample time and consideration. If you need help or advice with any part of your rebranding process, Liven Creative can be your experienced guide, helping you navigate a clear path to rebranding success.

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