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How does our B Corp status benefit you?

We’re in the business of helping companies and brands overcome obstacles, rise to challenges, and embrace change, so it’s essential to practice what we preach.

03 August, 2023

After 18 months of hard work, we were proud to achieve Certified B Corp status in July 2023.

We’re proud to be part of a growing global movement. Started in 2006 with the idea that a different kind of economy was not only possible but necessary, B Corp now spans 93 countries, 161 industries, 7,201 companies and almost 650,000 workers.

Certification means we meet B Lab’s high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It turns ambiguous concepts like ‘going green’ or ‘being a good corporate citizen’ into something tangible and measurable that people can identify, trust, and support. We achieved something, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying to get even better.

We don’t expect all our clients to be B Corps, but as strategists and creatives, we see it as our duty to be both future-facing and optimistic. But how might our B Corp Certification benefit you if we started working together?

Here’s how.

Trust and transparency
B Corp Certification lets you know that we are committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, corporate governance, accountability, and transparency. It means you can trust us to keep our promises and always act with integrity.

Positive impact
Even if you are not a large enterprise with defined ESG targets, these days, we think most businesses and brands would prefer to have a positive impact than a negative one. It’s good for business, right? By working with us, you know our values are aligned, we’re already in step with some shared ambitions, and we won’t do anything to compromise your ideals.

Ethical business practices
You can rest assured that we won’t tarnish your clean supply chain. We operate with integrity, fairness, and respect for all stakeholders: our staff, suppliers, and communities. We seek out suppliers that share our values and actively encourage them to adopt B Corp practices and apply for Certification themselves.

Sustainability and environmental focus
As a remote and digitally enabled agency, our environmental impact is already pretty low, but we remain committed to further improvement within our own activities and our supply chain. If you are an environmentally conscious client, hopefully, you’ll value and appreciate our continued efforts to minimise our impact.

An inclusive culture
Even though we have a small core team, we seek to promote diversity throughout our extensive network of collaborators and suppliers.

A pioneering spirit
As a B Corp, we are encouraged to improve and innovate continuously. This pioneering spirit infuses all the work we do for clients, the processes we utilise to deliver great work and the policies that govern how we approach our activities. We’re in the change business, so B Corp Certification is one way to demonstrate that we are comfortable and confident in this arena. Change is hard, but we have the skills and experience to help you make it a positive experience.

Collaboration and networking
As a lean and remote agency, efficient collaboration is our lifeblood. We collaborate with clients and suppliers to deliver effective solutions to often urgent challenges. So, nurturing an ever-growing network is essential, not just for us, but for everyone that we work alongside. Being part of the B Corp family provides a varied global network of skills, talent, and experience. If you need something we can’t offer, we’ll do our best to make beneficial connections to help you.

Long-term commitment
We valued lasting relationships long before starting our B Corp journey; that’s why we offer aftercare services. But Certification highlights our dedication to long-term, sustainable success. We’re not a here-today, gone-tomorrow kind of agency. We don’t cut and run the minute we’ve handed over the brand guidelines. In fact, we are the exact opposite of that. For us, getting the brand guidelines into your hands signifies the start of something. We love helping our clients operationalise their brand strategy and roll out their visual identity so that it makes a tangible difference to their employees, customers, and business.

Our B Corp status doesn’t inhibit us from making a profit, but it means that profit isn’t the only thing we’re interested in – and how we do our work is as important to us as what we do. So be reassured that if you choose us as a strategic creative partner, you’re choosing a team of people with good intentions and a desire to ensure we all benefit from the experience.

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