Accelerated automotive branding

Here are the services that help us deliver automotive businesses Distinctively. Deliberately. Different branding.

From brand design and strategy through to activation and aftercare, you could say Liven Creative has something of a track record when it comes to automotive branding. We’ve helped supercar manufacturers and raceways grow recognition, awareness, and recall through digital assets, integrated campaigns, and strategic experiences – with insights under the hood and experience behind the wheel.

Our mantra for successful brand building
What constitutes a brand and how you build a successful one is subject to much conjecture but, through our extensive experience, we’ve honed it down to three core factors.

A Deliberately Different automotive brand is authentic to itself, engagingly attractive to its audiences, and clearly differentiated from its competition.

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Automotive branding: Services

Making a positive contribution to your success
We aid leading automotive brands and motorsport tracks with all aspects of their branding, with an understanding that good reputations take time to build. That’s why we like to help our clients protect their investment, collaborating throughout a brand’s lifecycle – from inception to launch and well beyond – and always balancing creativity with pragmatic commercial realities. The result? Positive, tangible impact on each automotive branding client’s business.

Automotive branding: Our experience

Liven Creative has a huge amount of automotive branding heritage, having worked with the household names that occupy UK driveways and the ones on the starting grid. Some of our previous clients in this space include McLaren, Porsche UK, Aston Martin, Triumph Motorcycles, BMW, Mini, and Peugeot – as well as Thruxton and Silverstone circuits.

Powerfully insightful automotive branding

Brand experience shapes the entire customer journey
Building a retentive customer journey is the holy grail for all businesses, but that often starts with brand experience. Brand awareness, brand recall, and brand loyalty are lynchpins of successful customer relationships because they inform decisions. But how do you build an effective and meaningful brand experience in the automotive sector?

Everything stems from a deep understanding of your audience. Knowing who they are, what they need, and what they think – both about you and your competitors – is the key.

Automotive branding, then, is an extension of thinking ‘audience, out.’ This means designing branding assets and experiences that speak to an audience’s need, answer their questions, and – ultimately – shape every touchpoint along their entire journey.

Finding a clearer brand purpose
A big question we often pose to our automotive clients is: what do your products really enable for your customers? The tectonic shift towards electric, for instance, will be a short-lived novelty before it’s a long-term mainstay, so differentiating means finding a clear brand purpose beyond evolutions in technology.

It’s about much more than just getting from A-B, in other words. And exactly what ‘it’ is, is something we’d love to help you find. Your customers come to you for a reason – developing that reason into a clearly-defined brand purpose is how the world’s biggest companies carve out truly powerful propositions. And that’s especially necessary for automotive branding.

Helping brands adapt
The automotive industry is changing. What used to be a tried and tested hardware business is now one that also sees car manufacturers having to become software houses, pioneering energy companies, and digital experience engineers – all rolled into one.

Adapting to this new market, and keeping ahead of the competition, means ensuring your branding is built to cover whatever shape the automotive industry takes tomorrow. In a world where more people might see your logo more often on Twitter than on the road, automotive branding needs to be an exercise in proactive consistency as much as it is in future-proof ingenuity.

Our approach

Six steps to success
Each client, each project, and each business context are different. But success comes to those that have a plan and execute it efficiently. Our proven process for building Deliberately Different brands has six phases. The exact tasks involved in each stage vary, but the overall arc of the technology branding process remains the same:

Discovery / Direction / Design / Development / Delivery / Deployment

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