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Name Generation & Identity Design for an exciting new lighting product

As a branding agency, we love helping ambitious businesses prepare for growth, so there aren’t many things more exciting than when a new client approaches us with a brief in hand.

05 January, 2020

We’ve been there, and it’s great to pass on our experience and insight alongside our creative expertise. It’s an extra responsibility when helping start-ups launch and thrive, and we relish the challenge. Rebecca approached us about name generation and identity design for her new lighting business, so we donned our thinking caps and got straight to work.

The power of a great name
First off, we set about coming up with a name that everything else will build upon. Liven Creative has done this for many start-ups, from B2B consultancies to mobile vegan kitchens, so Rebecca was in safe hands. We always aim for a name that represents the company, the brains and personality behind it, and the product. We also research to ensure it’s not too close to competitors’ names, and has a ‘co. uk’ and ‘.com’ domain available. Oh, and preferably no hyphens!

Without giving too much away, Rebecca’s company is all about lights and fabric. Her range is currently in development and we can’t wait to see this exciting new product disrupt the market under the name we created. Here are some of the options we considered:


The runaway favourite ended up being Haute Lumière. Inspired by haute couture, the name translates to ‘high light’, which is one of the key features of this exciting new product range.

Next up: logo design
With the exciting new name signed off, Liven Creative then began the crucial logo design process, resulting in the logo below. We created a logo mark using the negative space of the ‘H’ of Haute to also shown an ‘L’ for Lumière, and a circular graphic mark lays the foundations for the visual language of Haute Lumière. With such a range of different platforms and communication channels now available to businesses, the logotype and logo mark are designed to be flexible and suitable for a variety of applications.

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