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Here are the services that help us deliver you a Distinctively. Deliberately. Different brand.

Liven Creative has extensive experience in helping law firms to understand, define and communicate what it is that sets them apart from other legal practices, guiding them towards a rich brand that truly resonates. All brands evolve over time. But whether you’re a well-established firm looking to rejuvenate your existing offering, or a new business just setting out, we can take the daunting task of branding for law firms and make it feel like an empowering process – one that’ll help you create a truly Authentic, Distinctive and Different brand.

Our mantra for successful brand building
What constitutes a brand and how you build a successful one is subject to much conjecture but, through our extensive experience, we’ve honed it down to three core factors.

A Deliberately Different horticultural brand is authentic to itself, engagingly attractive to its audiences, and clearly differentiated from its competition.

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Branding for law firms: Services

We work with some of the UK’s leading companies in the sector, helping with every aspect of branding for law firm environments. Good reputations take time to build; it’s why we like to help our clients protect their investment with forward-thinking processes. From inception to launch and beyond, we collaborate closely throughout a brand’s entire lifecycle – always balancing creativity with pragmatic commercial realities to generate a positive, tangible impact on each and every client’s business.

Branding for law firms: Our experience

Our efforts in creating and activating bespoke branding for law firms have helped guide key businesses in the sector toward a stronger, more robust brand experience. We’ve completed full rebranding projects for existing firms, helping them to define their branding foundations and overall brand strategy, as well as creating new visual and verbal styling, websites, and ongoing comms activity.

Law Industry: Insight

Drive an increase in business value
Great branding is the difference between being seen as a unique proposition or a run-of-the-mill competitor. The legal industry is hugely competitive, so building a brand experience that really sets – and betters – expectations is crucial.

Branding for law firms is about much more than just a shiny logo. Having every member of the team aligned on your values, vision, and messaging is a core part of the brand-building process, and a sure-fire way to pull ahead of rivals in the space. Great branding – from look and feel to tone of voice – is what garners positive verdicts from potential new clients.

Branding and reputation are not the same
Your reputation may be hard fought for – it might be something that precedes you thanks to years of hard, diligent work. But reputation and branding aren’t one and the same. After all, it’s possible to have a historically brilliant reputation, but a poor current brand experience.

Branding for law firms, then, is about much more than communicating past wins. It’s about supplementing your reputation by delivering on your brand promise – that is, the values you hold dear and the experience your clients expect from you. Branding has a much wider remit than reputation, and developing what that means for your firm is a vital step in locking in your sense of ‘why’.

Create meaningful connections
Great branding creates great client relationships – and in some instances can even make up for bad ones. The truth is that robust, meaningful, and authentic branding sticks in people’s minds more than any one service or product. After all, consistent branding can increase revenue by some 23%.

Executing top-tier branding for law firms provides us at Liven Creative with a unique opportunity in that regard, because the legal industry is such a people-driven one – where emotional connection is paramount. Strategic brand activations that really resonate can help form life-long client connections and build a long-lasting sense of client loyalty.

Our approach

Six steps to success
Each client, each project, and each business context are different. But success comes to those that have a plan and execute it efficiently. Our proven process for building Deliberately Different brands has six phases. The exact tasks involved in each stage vary, but the overall arc of the technology branding process remains the same:

Discovery / Direction / Design / Development / Delivery / Deployment

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