For over 20 years, Brookwood Partnership has created fresh and aspirational breakfasts, lunches and dinners – and provided food education and hospitality-related services to independent schools.

Brands naturally need to evolve. So as part of the website design for Brookwood Partnership, Liven Creative took the opportunity to refresh the brand’s identity, too. The look and feel is essentially the same, but we redrew everything from scratch to achieve a much smoother transition between the letters.

Liven Creative has overhauled the brand’s digital presence by creating a new, fully responsive website.

The new website is bold and striking, and embraces a new colour palette. The design and colour palette convey Brookwood as a vibrant and innovative leader in the independent contract catering sector.

The look and feel ensures the brand stands out among direct competitors, using predominantly black and white images with the Brookwood identity in an overlaid neon green. The handwritten identity is supported with modern typography and an asterisk graphic mark, which lays the foundations for a new and distinct verbal language that guides users to find out more.

The website is striking and ensures that we remain distinctive within the independent school contract catering sector.

Sue Parfett, Managing Partner, Brookwood Partnership