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A carefully conceived and well-executed promotional video is a powerful way to get your brand’s key messages and personality across. Especially when you consider the rising popularity of video marketing content on websites and social media channels. It’s also playing an increasingly important role in helping companies to improve their search engine ranking.

Whatever your video marketing requirements – whether you’re looking to create a showreel that highlights your latest work, a series of video testimonials, or perhaps a film that conveys to potential clients the benefits of what you do – make Liven Creative your first port of call. As a fully integrated creative agency in Surrey, we can advise you on all elements of video marketing and ensure your film content complements your brand and its visual and verbal identity.


Video Marketing Service

Liven Creative’s structured approach to video marketing comprises four key stages:

Stage 1: Video Scoping

We begin by discussing your video requirements, and the objectives you want to achieve with video marketing – plus how you aim to use and circulate it.

Stage 2: Storyboarding and Concept Creation

With a clear understanding of your video marketing requirements, we then look to storyboard a range of ideas and present them to you for appraisal and selection.

Stage 3: Scriptwriting / Video Content

You’re welcome to supply a voiceover script and/or written content to appear in your video. Alternatively, we can provide expert copywriting and scriptwriting services to ensure your video conveys your key messages clearly and persuasively.

Stage 4: Filming / Design

When storyboard, script and copy are all signed off, we proceed with filming, or finalising the design of all your video marketing’s animated elements. We add voiceover elements and soundtracks as required, before supplying finalised video content for circulation.

Video Marketing Best Practice

At Liven Creative we’re often asked for advice and guidance on video marketing. Here are our top four tips:

1. Keep it short

Video marketing content is most effective and impactful if you keep it short – we recommend one to two minutes. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s plenty. People are busy, and continuously bombarded with marketing messages each day, so a concise and engaging video is far more likely to hit home and be shared among viewers’ colleagues and friends.

2. Add pace and contrast

To keep your audience engaged, it’s crucial to find the right levels of pace and contrast in your video. We can achieve this in a variety of ways – for example by adding graphic and animation elements to a film-based piece, using multiple camera angles, or adding backing tracks and sound effects.

3. Clarify complex messages

If you have a complex message, or several of them, which are too complex to convey in one short film – don’t try to squeeze everything in. When it comes to conveying complex sequences, our recommendation is to animate them. Animation allows you to communicate complex messages clearly, which makes them far more likely to stick in your audience’s minds.

4. Circulate content far and wide

We use sites such as You Tube and Vimeo to host and circulate your video marketing content. You can then send links to the video content to your target audiences, and embed video marketing in a range of digital applications, including websites and social media platforms – adjusting your privacy settings as required.

Video Marketing Surrey

Liven Creative has proven video marketing experience. If you’re looking to film a series of corporate interviews, or create videos that summarise your offer beautifully, or develop animated sequences that convey complex messages clearly, get in touch with Liven Creative. To discuss your video marketing requirements, call 01483 331250 or contact us by completing our online form.

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