Vision and values

To define your vision statement, you firstly need to understand where you want your business to go. So we’ll ask questions such as, ‘what does your business do?’, ‘How do you help your customers?’, ’What are your goals?’ and ‘How do you plan to achieve them?’

At first, you might think the answers are obvious, but taking time out from the everyday of running your business to consider them in more depth can really shine a light on your ambition, and define what a successful future looks like.

Ultimately, we want to know: ‘why do you exist?’

Your vision statement is an opportunity to look into the future and define where you see the business going. A well thought-out vision statement can pull workforces together, focus a brand’s messaging, and even improve efficiency. It can be the foundation for a brighter business culture and help customers connect with your business.

A powerful vision statement meets a simple set of criteria:

Short and succinct
Keep things as short as possible. Ideally one or two sentences to help customers and employees engage easily with it… and remember it.

You want your vision statement to stick in the hearts and minds of customers and brand ambassadors for years to come, so express your goals in simple but bold terms.

Your vision should be unique to what you do and how you do it, and reflect the business’ character and ‘why it exists’. That’s why a good vision statement begins with, ‘To…’



Everything you do is informed somehow by your core values. They might be ways of doing things that you agreed on when you started the business, personal and professional principles, or qualities you believe in that support your judgement and guide your success. For example, ‘integrity’, ‘trust, ‘accountability’ – or even ‘simplicity’ or ‘fun’.

There are probably three or four such values at the core of your business, informing your business’ character, how you communicate and how you do things. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to identify them and define what they mean to you and your brand. If you have, let’s scrutinise them for your next phase of growth.

Either way, we’ll ensure your unique value system shines through stronger than ever in your brand.

How do you see your future?

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