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Successful brands sound like ‘themselves’, whether they’re communicating online, in print or in person. They have a consistent character that manifests in the words and tone they use on their websites, on social media, in printed materials and in sales presentations. Distinctive and consistent messaging based on a clear understanding of your audiences can really stand you apart from the crowd.

Used effectively, words shape how people perceive brands. What you say, and how you say it, helps articulate your values, your ‘personality’, and what makes your brand tick. As individuals, we choose our words to charm, persuade, reassure and convince people. The same applies to brands, in exactly the same way.

When developed to reflect values and characteristics accurately and consistently, a brand tone of voice ensures you sound ‘like you’, and this goes a long way to putting customers at ease and feeling like they’re engaging with human beings instead of a faceless business. Meanwhile, a simple tone of voice guide can ensure product descriptions, ad lines or promotional emails are engaging, consistent, concise and persuasive.

Following a brand workshop, we’ll have a clear understanding of your business, its values, its market and its customers. These lay a foundation to clearly setting out your unique brand tone of voice – one that sounds like you, and that people will come to recognise as you.

A unified, consistent messaging system requires design and voice to work in harmony, so we’ll work with you to ensure all your communications are tuned in to each other to take your brand to the next level.

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