Target audience

Your target audience is the consumer demographic that’s most likely to use the products and / or services you provide. They’re the ones with a need or desire for what you do, but they might not even be aware of you – so identifying and engaging with them is a top business priority.

Knowing your audience means you can communicate with them more effectively, about the things that matter to them. A better picture of them, and the context of their wants and needs, can help you create marketing that’s far more focused, impactful and cost-effective. Sure, knowing their age, location and job title can help you target them with more relatable messages, but an understanding of their likes, frustrations, pain points and ultimate business goals – and what would make achieving those goals easier for them – can really help you win their business.

It can also help you dial aspects of your brand tone of voice up or down to identify more closely with them and communicate more meaningfully with them. Profiling target audiences is one of the best ways to attract and retain the right customers.

As well as discussing your business and its target market with you in some depth, we’ll carry out research and draw on our own insights and years of experience to help you develop detailed profiles for each of your audience types. We’ll also advise on ways to refine messaging for specific audiences, and on the communication channels they’re most likely to respond to, such as print ads, social media campaigns or other online platforms.

In establishing your target audiences, we’ll ask questions like:
• Who should you be talking to?
• How can you best engage with them?
• What is different to them, about your brand over a competitor?
• How do they talk? This is important for keywords and SEO analysis, and ensures you ‘speak their language’.
• What do they base their buying decisions on? This helps you refine your marketing to show you understand their wants and needs.

The more you know about who you’re targeting, the more likely you’ll strike a chord with them – which is a crucial step in securing their business.

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