Positioning statement

A brand positioning statement explains what you do, who for and how it benefits them, in a short statement. Executed well, it’s a way to shape existing and potential customers’ perception of your brand, and secure competitive advantage.

With a strong brand positioning in place you’ll attract more customers, make your marketing more effective, and ultimately grow your business.

We start by assessing your current position, and look at your competitors to help identify what’s unique about you and use that to stand you apart. Of course, we look to position your business in line with your ambitions as much as ‘where you are’, so a good brand positioning statement will encourage business growth, and serve as a memorable reminder and ‘call to arms’ for your continued success. And while it’s more of an internal statement than an outward-facing one, it’s a great way of driving home the reasons customers should choose you.

A brand positioning statement should acknowledge:

1. The industry in which your brand operates
This might be obvious to you, but not to everyone – so referencing it in your positioning statement can help maintain market focus.

2. Your target audiences
This gives a nod to your most valuable and sought-after customers, and focuses efforts on engaging with them.

3. The benefit to the customer
Expressing your unique selling point and what it means to your customers, thereby reinforcing the reasons they should choose you.

4. Our ‘why’
Perhaps you have a cost-effective business model that doesn’t rely on physical stores, or patented technology that no one else has. Try to mention a key differentiator in your brand positioning statement.

With these elements, the following formula is a great starting point for developing a powerful brand positioning statement:

(Brand) is a (1) company that provides (2) with (3) by (4).

Once you’ve settled on a revised positioning, it will help guide other messaging around the business, and support your marketing and creative strategies.

A simple recipe for success

A brief but bold positioning statement can really consolidate your story and inspire internal audiences. We’ll help you source the best ingredients and create your very own.

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