Brand workshops

All our branding projects begin with brand workshops.

Typically, we host a half to full-day workshop with your brand’s leadership team at our riverside studios in Send. This is where you tell us all about your ambitions for your business, so the more detail and insight you can share, the better.

A brand workshop doesn’t just help us understand your business – it can help you understand it better, too. Our workshops are about delving into insights and angles that can reveal opportunities, and ignite ideas. We look to bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the table, challenge you and the status quo, and offer wider market perspectives. All for the greater good, and to instigate the change you’re seeking.

There are three areas we tend to cover in a brand workshop:

Your business
We’re inquisitive people and enjoy learning about businesses. We’ve worked with many, and each is unique, so we’re intrigued by what’s different about yours, and how we can turn that into the reason people should choose you over a competitor. We’ll also look closely at your vision for the business, and where you see it one, three and five years’ time.

The deeper and clearer we understand you and your business, the better equipped we’ll be to help you realise that vision.

Your customers
Businesses depend on customers. With insights into your existing customers and target audiences, we’ll discuss ways you can attract and communicate with them more effectively. We’ll cover what makes them tick, and the emotional connections we can help you make with them through creative and consistent visual and verbal messaging. Our workshop will scrutinise how you currently communicate with existing and potential customers, and start looking at ways you could do it to much greater advantage.

Your marketplace
No brand strategy is complete – or even worthwhile – without a firm grasp of your market, and your current position in it. We’ll look to identify what makes you stand out, such as a unique product or service, or simply a unique approach to business that makes people choose you and stick with you. This is all about positioning your brand on its distinctive strengths, and helping you develop your USPs. We’ll also ask about any competitors, and what they’re doing differently.

By the end of the our brand workshop, we aim to have all the information we need start defining your brand positioning statement and USP-based propositions, plus a clear understanding on which to express your vision and values, your brand tone of voice, and an overarching creative strategy to take your business forward.

Delving deeper from day one

The sooner we know more about you, the faster we can get to work on designing the brand that fits.

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