Brand proposition

A brand proposition is a statement that explains what you do, what it means to your customers, and why they should choose you over the competition. A powerful brand proposition should therefore express your unique selling proposition (USP) – the benefit that no other brand or business can provide.

Potential customers need a good reason to choose you – and for that reason to be clear and succinct. All too often, there are obvious reasons to choose you over the competition, but they’re not defined or expressed in the best way. This means you can miss crucial opportunities to engage emotionally and rationally with people who need or desire what you do. So the clearer your brand proposition is, the stronger the emotional connection will be, and the more likely you’ll secure brand loyalty from the outset.

Identifying a brand proposition that clearly communicates how you can improve and add value to people’s lives, can be daunting. But putting it all ‘in a nutshell’ is a powerful way to help you connect meaningfully with your audience.

We begin by understanding what you stand for, and the value you create and would like to convey – and then look at the audience(s) you’re keen to connect with. Your brand proposition will clarify the value you represent, and help people better understand and interact with your brand, so it should be a short, simple, clear and jargon-free statement.

With this in mind, we’ll ask you questions like:

• What does your company do?
• Who are you targeting?
• What problems do you solve for them?
• How will their lives improve by choosing you?
• Why should they choose you instead of your competition?

Getting your brand proposition right can have a powerful impact. It can inform your strategy, attract talent to work with you and unite employees behind your cause, attract and retain customers – and even get them spreading the word for you.

If you have to explain your current brand proposition to someone, it’s not working, and this is where we can help. We’ll work with you to uncover the true value of your business, define it concisely, and share it quickly, easily and effectively with a wider audience.

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Let’s discover, together, what’s unique and undeniable about you – and make sure the world knows it.

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