A strapline – also known as a tagline, slogan or catchphrase – is a finely tuned short statement that expresses a company’s character and offer, often with a clever twist or play on words. It has to work hard, as it appears in many or all of a business’s advertising, evoking emotions, changing how people see things – and in so doing so, building brand affinity and sales.

The best straplines become part of our everyday vocabulary. When this happens, it’s one of the most effective – and cost-effective – forms of advertising there is. Examples include Nike’s Just Do It, Audi’s Vorsprung Durch Technik, Apple’s Think Different and Tesco’s Every Little Helps.

Strapline Services

A great strapline becomes instantly recognisable, and can even transcend the company name as a powerful promotional tool. At Liven Creative, we have extensive experience creating straplines that complement businesses and stick in customers and prospects’ minds.

Creating an effective strapline is all about finding your business’ key difference or strength. It should differentiate you from direct competitors and summarise a compelling truth about who you are and what you do.

When developing straplines, we give careful consideration to your company aspirations, what your direct competitors currently convey, and the markets you’re targeting today as well as those you may be looking to move into. By taking this approach, and by applying a clear understanding of your brand, we will propose a range of strapline options that reflect your brand accurately and promote it in a distinct way.

Strapline approaches

For straplines, there are many different approaches to consider. Some simply describe what a company or organisation does, like Cap Gemini’s Consulting. Technology. Outsourcing, while others cleverly express the added value of their organisation, such as Accenture’s High performance. Delivered or John Lewis’ Never Knowingly Undersold. Others methods include nobility or causes, as in Google’s Don’t be Evil, or being category-specific, like BMW’s The Ultimate Driving Machine, or taking an emotional angle, such as with L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It.

Straplines enhance brands

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