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Lead generation companies love direct mail campaigns

In a world where communication campaigns are increasingly digital, printed direct mail campaigns can often be a highly effective promotional tool – as successful lead generation companies throughout the Home Counties will tell you.

Why? Well, direct mail campaigns help complement your digital presence and stand out among your competitors, raising awareness and interest in your business, products and services in more tactile and enduring ways. Lead generation companies understand this as well as anyone. They understand the value and importance of a well-executed direct mail campaign.

Liven Creative is experienced in designing direct mail campaigns that get results. So if you’re looking to target a large audience and raise awareness of your company, products or services – or want to give a clear call to action to a specific section of your audience – our experience is well worth the investment. Creating direct mail campaigns is often overlooked as a highly effective marketing strategy, but it’s one of our key services. We cover every creative and executional aspect, from data sourcing to design, copywriting and campaign fulfilment.

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Direct mail campaigns service

Our direct mail campaign service comprises three stages:

Stage 1: setting campaign parameters

To ensure your direct mail campaigns are successful, we start by clearly defining your campaign objectives and key messages, and your brand’s ‘pillars of strength’. We also discuss whether we’ll be using existing target market data or using one of a wide choice of lead generation companies to source new data for you – and cover initial thoughts on the campaign’s parameters, such as reach and timescales.

Stage 2: direct mail campaign concepts

With the parameters of your direct mail campaign defined, Liven Creative will then begin concept development, and work your preference to sign-off. We’ll ask you about content, too. Words and imagery can work wonders together with direct mail campaigns, and Liven Creative provides expert direct mail copywriting for higher impact.

Stage 3: lead generation companies approach, help for campaign fulfilment

Liven Creative can deal with all your fulfilment requirements, overseeing every aspect of the direct mail campaign. This includes making the follow-up calls that encourage conversion and gather useful data for linked or future campaigns.

Top tips for direct mail campaigns

At Liven Creative we’re often asked how to get the best results from direct mail campaigns. We find printed direct mail campaigns work best when they identify your audience’s common wants and needs, and play to them in a personalised, structured and strategic way that’s visually exciting and consistent with your brand’s personality. And, as lead generation companies will agree, it’s important to be ‘end-to-end’. For us, a direct mail campaign is more effective – in itself and for building brand awareness among your target audience – if you make follow-up contact that gathers more data, continues the conversation, and starts developing those all-important relationships.

Liven Creative’s direct mail campaign service

Whatever your direct mail campaign requirements – from planning to concept creation, to fulfilment and follow-up calls. To discuss your direct mail campaign requirements call 01483 331250.

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