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Infographics are essentially creative representations of information and data, so infographic design can be invaluable in ensuring important trends, standout statistics and key messages are easy to identify and understand.

At Liven Creative, we’ve years of experience in effective and engaging infographic design. We’ve created infographics that summarise a company’s complete offering, explain specific services, or highlight important data and standout messages in reports and tenders. Expert infographics can be a crucial part of your internal and external communications.

Infographic Design – Insight

There are three key ‘ingredients’ to effective infographics: visuals, content and knowledge. The visual is the graphics – how it all looks, including icons that can highlight important snippets of data. The content is the numerical data you want to share, and the knowledge is the useful, thought-provoking insight into key aspects of that data.

Infographic – Top Tips

At Liven Creative, we’re often asked what makes great infographics. Here our are top four tips:

  1. Show, don’t tell – good infographics conveys information in visually engaging ways, and therefore requires minimal explanatory content.
  2. Use wireframes – to ensure the story has a logical and linear structure, with visual hooks that ensure your infographic design is memorable often a great place to start is by wire framing. Wireframing is simply a process of laying out content quickly and easily to define process and structure.
  3. Forget the spreadsheet – infographics aren’t about columns and rows, or bar and pie charts… this is your chance to convey data in creative and unique ways.
  4. Use colour – preferably in ways that ensure your infographic design reflects and reinforces your brand identity while getting your key messages across.

Visualising data

Whatever your infographic design requirements, we’ve oodles of experience taking data and making it visually engaging and informative.  To discuss your infographic design requirements, call Liven Creative on 01483 331250, or email the team at

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