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Email marketing campaigns can help you convey important messages quickly and frequently to a large target audience. Plus, it’s a great way to track user engagement accurately.

At Liven Creative we can manage every aspect of your email marketing campaigns, from designing one-off email marketing e-shots, to designing ongoing email marketing campaigns that raise awareness of your products and services over time, and help to build brand loyalty.

Email Marketing Service

Liven Creative can manage every aspect of your email marketing campaigns. We provide a range of services – from defining your campaign objectives, to all aspects of copywriting and design, plus data sourcing, dispatching and reporting.

If required, we can help you set up your own email marketing templates, so your marketing team can use them for future email marketing campaigns. We’re also experienced working with companies to design and build email campaigns that work within the parameters of their existing digital platforms. We ensure your email marketing campaign reflects your brand’s offering accurately, and you can dispatch emails from your own systems.

Email Marketing – Top Tips

We have extensive experience creating email marketing campaigns for businesses throughout Surrey, the Home Counties and London. Along the way, we’ve developed four key tips for achieving effective email campaigns:

1. Keep it personal

Response rates to email marketing campaigns are always higher if your content is more personalised to your target audience. From simple things such as using a recipient’s name, encouraging a direct response, to writing insightful content that’s highly relevant to your reader and the industry they work in.

2. Test, test – and test again

Before dispatching any email campaign, it’s vital to test how it works on multiple devices and operating systems. This way, your content looks consistently impressive and memorable.

3. Harmonise images and content

We recommend a delicate balance between content and imagery. Content should be concise and to the point, and supported by images to add visual contrast. If you want to share a lot of written content, it often pays to just have a summary, with a link that takes readers to your website or blog to read the full article or find out more.

4. Find your frequency

With your email marketing campaign up and running, the temptation is to send weekly or even daily emails to your prospects – just because you can. But this can turn customers off quickly, and mean they opt out of future communications. We recommend planning your email campaign frequency carefully, depending on your industry and messaging, but monthly or quarterly intervals tend to get better results.

Effective Email Marketing

If you’re looking for advice and guidance on how to improve the look and feel of your existing email marketing e-shots, or for a digital agency to oversee your next email marketing campaign, get in touch. The team at Liven Creative will be happy to help. To discuss your requirements informally, or to request a quote, call 01483 331250 or contact us by completing the contact form.

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