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e-Newsletter Design

e-Newsletters are a highly effective way to stay in touch with staff and customers, especially when they’re spread across locations or premises. By communicating regularly by e-Newsletter, you can establish and maintain strong relationships with them.

While the benefits of an e-Newsletter are similar to those of a printed newsletter, the creative approach to e-Newsletter design is very different. If you’re looking for printed newsletter design services, visit Liven Creative’s newsletter design service page.

e-Newsletter Design Service

Liven Creative has extensive experience designing, building and dispatching eNewsletters for clients. Perhaps you’re looking for a creative digital agency to design, build and dispatch your next e-Newsletter. Or you may simply be looking for help designing a PDF newsletter you can circulate internally by email or intranet. Whatever you need, Liven Creative can help.

e-Newsletter – top design tips

Many clients have asked us what makes a great e-Newsletter design, so here are Liven Creative’s top five tips for impactful e-Newsletter design:

1. Give it an identity

A great way to ensure people remember your e-Newsletter design and look out for future editions, is to give it a clear identity that stands out and complements your brand.

2. Keep it Informal

Your customers and staff will appreciate updates about the latest developments in the business and the market, but it’s best to avoid overdoing the corporate messages. Keep content informal and conversational, and praise individual customers and staff to make them feel valued.

3. Consider your content

The temptation with eNewsletters is to include as much content as possible, but this actually makes people less likely to read them. If you have many messages to get across, it’s often better to summarise them in an e-Newsletter, and provide links to more detailed content on your website or blog.

4. Standardise structure

Try to keep a consistent structure to your e-Newsletter design. Staff and customers will recognise future issues more easily, and know where to look for the articles and content that’s most relevant to them.

5. Use images

Used well, imagery provides an attractive visual contrast to your eNewsletter content, and reinforces your brand’s visual identity.

Attention to detail and creative flair

Whatever your e-Newsletter requirements, Liven Creative can help. Clients all over the UK trust us to look after their e-Newsletter requirements, and attention to detail and creative flair are hallmarks of everything we do. To discuss your e-Newsletter requirements, or to request a quote, call 01483 331250 or email us at

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