Wireframing & prototyping

A wireframe is what determines the structure and functionality of each page on your website. A website design and build project establishes a wireframe for each page early in the process, to inform and support the visual design and functionality that follows.

Signing off the wireframes first sets the layout of key pages and is crucial to effective Information Architecture and navigation, and gives you a clear understanding of how the site will achieve an intuitive and user-friendly flow between pages and sections. Wireframes also allow us to ensure optimum usability before launch.

Solid foundations for smooth operations
Once we’ve worked with you to establish your website’s Information Architecture, we can then create wireframes for the entire site far more effectively and efficiently – and with full confidence. Hence this is one of the critical early stages of a website project.

Of course, we review Information Architecture and wireframes in close consultation with you, and carry out any fine-tuning to ensure everything is in place before we move to the design phase.

Prototyping in the early stages
Especially with larger websites, we tend to use the agreed wireframes to create a working prototype – typically with an HTML prototyping tool such as Axure. This helps us identify any functionality issues early on, and is a really useful ‘live’ way to demonstrate the basics of the proposed new website and work in any feedback. This fine-tuning at the prototype stage makes the project far more efficient, and secures your sign-off for the basic layout and functionality before we dive into the creative side of things. Ultimately, this can save significant time and resources at the latter stages of a website project.

Expertise from the outset

As a longstanding branding and digital agency, we’re proven experts in wireframing and prototyping websites. For methodical professionalism from the outset, choose Live Creative.

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