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At the heart of your online presence, your website is the hub of all your digital activity. Ultimately, all roads lead to and from here when it comes to marketing your business, so it’s essential to ensure it’s an inspiring, user-friendly and informative place for people to spend time.

It must also reflect your brand’s character, status and ambition – and convey what is unique about you.

With that in mind, Liven Creative treats your website design project as a massive opportunity for to propel your brand to another level, tailoring everything to reflect who you are, what you do and why, and the reasons people should choose you over anyone else. We also ensure it’s the core of your brand, leading to and from every interaction that existing and potential customers enjoy with you, and creating a unique and memorable experience.

As a branding and digital agency with a talented team of front and back-end developers, we’re continuously looking into new ways we can push the boundaries of what’s possible with website design. This means your website will benefit from extensive insight and expertise, and raise your business’ profile significantly.

The best way to tell the world
Your website is the focal point for all your marketing strategies, so it’s where you tell your story in full. People may already know about you, but this is where they can develop a real sense of the bigger story: building on the ‘what’ with the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ that will convince them to invest in you instead of a competitor. What’s more, because it’s online, they can do it from anywhere in the world, at any time, at their own leisure.

So it pays to make your website a place where people will happily spend time –where they can navigate easily to the things they’re interested in while getting a true feel for who you are, what you do and what you’re like to deal with. It’s arguably the most important aspect of your marketing collateral, but it must also complement and be consistent with whatever other channels you use, such as print, social media, trade events, and so on. They all lead to your website, where people will seek continuity and reassurance that they’ve come to the right place.

We should know…
At Liven Creative we’ve extensive experience designing and building websites that transform brands. Our exacting standards, attention to detail and digital expertise are just a few reasons our clients choose us for their website design projects – and stick with us as the branding and digital agency that can meet all their needs as they continue to evolve and expand.

We can help you with all aspects of website design. For example, we can provide consultancy on information architecture, improve navigation to ease customers towards what they want and need, and reinforce their buying decisions. To complement this, we also provide copywriting and copy-editing services to create compelling content that sounds like you and persuades people to build relationships with you beyond purchase. Plus, like any brand and digital agency worth its salt, we ensure your website design isn’t just visually impressive for its own sake, but also provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience across multiple devices – and continuity across touchpoints, with clear call to actions.

The value of a structured approach
Liven Creative’s proven process to website design comprises six clear stages:

and Tech Scoping

1. Working with you to define a sitemap and outline your new website’s key technical requirements.


2. Ensuring your words tell a clear and compelling story, and inspire visitors to stick around and find out more – either by editing existing content or starting from scratch.


3. If required, we will expertly build interactive wireframes that define the navigation hierarchy and overall structure of the site.


4. This typically involves proposing two creative routes, and then developing the favoured concept across the entire site structure. This is where we define the overall look and feel of the site.


5. Once the design is signed off, we then build your site in WordPress, and include a simple content management system that allows you to tweak or add new content yourself, thereby avoiding the expense of outsourced support.

Testing, Launch and Hosting

6. With the build complete, we send you a test link to review and sign off. As standard, we provide cross-browser testing to ensure your website works consistently on multiple platforms.

CMS and Third-Party Applications
Your website will have a full Content Management System (CMS), which we can help you to master quickly if you’re not familiar with it.

Many clients use third-party digital applications, and understandably will look to integrate them as part of a website build. Liven Creative has extensive experience integrating and testing third-party applications as part of the process.

User Experience / UX Design
We’re a creative agency with extensive digital and UX experience, so we understand how people use websites. We know what they expect from functionality, how they navigate, what they’re drawn to, what they’re more likely to click on and become engaged with, and what will make them more likely to choose you and invest in your products and services. We’ve helped countless clients to overhaul their digital applications and achieve greatly enhanced user experiences.

Let us build it, and they will come

Liven Creative has an excellent track record in designing and building websites that take brands and businesses to the next level, and that are versatile and adaptable to continuous growth.

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