Information architecture

Information Architecture is all about how to structure a website in a way that best conveys key marketing messages and important information about products and services.

Essentially, it’s how we give pages hierarchy and ensure people can navigate easily to the pages that concern them. It also ensures they get the ‘bigger picture’ and develop a good feeling about your brand in the process.

Information Architecture starts with an initial overview of all the content intended for your website. Then, with your input and our insight, we being thinking strategically about where best to put it, and consider people’s experience when accessing it. For us, it’s about ‘swift but scenic’ routes to whatever they need, and good reasons to choose you over the competition.

One of the keys to powerful online presence
Working closely with you to establish the best Information Architecture for your website is a great way to ‘drill down’ and better understand the many facets of your business and how customers with different needs and preferences can access them more effectively. It’s also how we define what your website can do for you, agree the scope of the project and give accurate costs. It’s a great reference point that gives you a greater understanding of – and confidence in – the design and build as it progresses.

Information Architecture also allows us to phase a website’s launch so you’re not in limbo. In other words, your new look and feel, and all the key messages and pages can go live and begin working hard for your brand, while we focus on any additional elements. Phasing your site’s rollout can actually be an effective marketing tool as you give your audience new pages and features to look forward to.

Liven Creative’s Information Architecture process
The process of ensuring your website has optimal Information Architecture begins by simply listing all the elements to include. Then we review everything together and collaborate to agreement on where the elements should be on the site, taking into consideration users’ navigation preferences and likely routes to specific pages. There will probably be several routes to the same page, based on insights into how visitors will move around the site.

For clients with large and complex sites, and multiple stakeholders in a website build, we often use MoSCoW – a tool designed specifically to help prioritise the key deliverables for a large project and manage expectation.

MoSCoW defines:

  • Must-haves – things that must be included as part of the project. We look to clarify these as ‘minimum scope’ before a project begins.
  • Should-haves – aspects that aren’t critical to launch a new site, but are still considered integral to the end result.
  • Could-haves – features to include providing they don’t turn out to be cost-prohibitive or over-complex, and potentially stall the project.
  • Won’t-haves – things that may be achievable beyond the agreed scope of the project, but are shelved at least until the confirmed deliverables are complete and signed off.

Better now than later

If are considered creating or revamping your website and would like Liven Creative help with Information Architecture then get in touch. We can help you with all your information architecture requirements, whether you are looking to launch your website in a single or phased approach.

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