Social media marketing

Social media is an increasingly important aspect of marketing for any business, regardless of size or sector. The key to achieving successful social media marketing is to understand your customers and give them relevant and timely content. This will guide them to your website, get them interacting with your brand, and encourage them to respond to your communications. In turn, this will help raise awareness and build brand loyalty.

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency?
Liven Creative, a branding and digital agency provides social media marketing services focuses predominantly on helping you define and implement an effective social media strategy. With expert planning and execution, your social media presence will establish a strong brand community across multiple channels.

There are many social media channels to choose from. Each is generally targeted at, or adopted by, a different social demographic. The beauty of social media marketing is that you can set it up at minimal cost, but the trick is to choose your social media channels wisely, and not use too many. We recommend you start by defining an effective social media marketing strategy that identifies a handful of social media channels that your target audience uses. Then you can decide how best to use each of these channels, and commit time and resources accordingly. Targeting your customers in this way, with engaging content, can be highly effective.

Social Media Marketing – our approach
Liven Creative’s approach to highly effective social media marketing comprises three distinct stages:

Stage 1: Initial setup and research
Through a series of workshops, we gain a better understanding of your business and its target audiences – plus what you expect from a social media marketing campaign.

As part of this stage, Liven Creative reviews and monitors your key competitors’ social media channels, with administrator access to the social media channels you currently use.

Stage 2: Idea generation & content planning
We then consider a range of ideas for providing compelling content across multiple social media channels, and create a content calendar that ensures strategic timing of social media marketing output.

Stage 3: Ongoing social management
To build communities and raise your profile across social media channels, we allocate time each week to create content, and to monitor and review activity on those channels. We then feedback on all your social exposure, including the number of posts, articles written, followers and responses.

Effective social media strategy

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