Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns can help you convey important messages quickly and frequently to a large target audience. Plus, it’s a great way to track user engagement accurately.

At Liven Creative we can manage every aspect of your email marketing campaigns, from designing one-off email marketing e-shots, to designing ongoing email marketing campaigns that raise awareness of your products and services over time, and help to build brand loyalty.

Email Marketing Service
Liven Creative can manage every aspect of your email marketing campaigns. We provide a range of services – from defining your campaign objectives, to all aspects of copywriting and design, plus data sourcing, dispatching and reporting.

If required, we can help you set up your own email marketing templates, so your marketing team can use them for future email marketing campaigns. We’re also experienced working with companies to design and build email campaigns that work within the parameters of their existing digital platforms. We ensure your email marketing campaign reflects your brand’s offering accurately, and you can dispatch emails from your own systems.

Effective Email Marketing

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