Digital marketing

Your website is the beating heart of your digital marketing mix. It serves as the central hub for all kinds of communications, and is where many print-based marketing such as brochures and mail drops will ultimately lead, too.

While it’s the anchor point for your brand, it’s by no means the only way you can communicate digitally with existing and potential customers.

A carefully considered strategic mix of digital marketing initiatives can work wonders in raising your brand’s profile in a busy marketplace, and consolidate your position as a compelling communicator that understands its audience’s preferences.

Where to begin?
The range of digital platforms and channels is continuously expanding. While this can be confusing, it can also present new and exciting ways to reach more customers. Being spoilt for choice means there’s more likely to be the perfect solution for your needs – you simply need to call on experts like Liven Creative to help you find and exploit it. For us, this can be one or more of the following:

Video Marketing
Email Marketing
E-newsletter Design
Social Media Marketing.

For the love of Digital
Liven Creative thrives on the possibilities digital marketing offers, and how different channels can work together to achieve standout in the most fiercely competitive markets. Whatever your needs and ambitions, we’ve the knowledge and expertise to help you – and to ensure your audience enjoys a cohesive and compelling digital journey towards choosing you… and sticking with you.

For us, it’s crucial to ensure digital campaigns incorporate the right response mechanisms, so you can assess the overall effectiveness and return on investment of your digital marketing, and continuously hone your communications to keep them working as hard as possible. With extensive experience in all things digital, we’ve learned what works, and how to build on success with even more success – based on simple analytics.

Combine this with our creative clout, and it’s no surprise that successful and fast-expanding businesses place trust in us for their digital marketing requirements.

Video Marketing
Videos are a great way to convey corporate messages with brand personality, and achieve quantifiable impact. Our video marketing services include corporate films, video testimonials and animation – and the size or importance of the requirement never fazes us. Whether it’s an internal comms piece for an SME, a marker in the sand for a challenger brand, or a suite of ads for a household name, we’re equipped and experienced to convey key messages with clarity and leave lasting positive impressions.

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Email Marketing
Yes, there’s a lot of it about. But that’s because – done well – it can be highly effective in attracting and retaining business. Personalised communications based on accurate insights can really strike a chord with individuals and help build that all-important brand loyalty. Liven Creative’s Email Marketing service is perfect for any business looking to create impactful campaigns that get results, and help you build on those results.

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E-Newsletter Design & Build
E-newsletters are a great way to keep staff and customers in the loop, and build a community feel for your brand and business – especially if you have multiple sites and markets. Liven Creative’s e-Newsletter service is ideal if you’re looking to create and maintain a positive ongoing dialogue with colleagues and clients, and even show leadership within your sector through opinion pieces and insight-sharing. We provide expert help with everything from design to copywriting, to online distribution and analytics.

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Social Media Marketing
Liven Creative’s Social Media Marketing services can help you build online communities and raise brand awareness among existing and potential customers. Great social media marketing can be a powerful differentiator, as people will like and share your content, and promote your business for you! We relish helping brands to decide which social media channels suit their ambitions, refine their content strategies and reach wider audiences.

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Conquer the digital space

Digital marketing has limitless potential to help you boost your profile and your bottom line. Liven Creative is all about compelling campaigns on carefully chosen digital channels, that draw attention and create communities.

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