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At Liven Creative our talented team can help you to define an effective digital strategy that maximises return on investment.

Looking to launch a new business, product or service? Need advice and guidance on how you should move forward with your digital strategy? Liven Creative can help with all aspects of your digital strategy, including what you’ll need to consider to ensure a great return on your investment. And, of course, we can work with you to raise your digital profile.

Digital Strategy Service

At Liven Creative, our digital strategy Service consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Explore

We start with a series of structured workshops. These help us develop a detailed understanding of your business, your customers, prospects and direct competitors – and any planned or current digital activities. We will also look closely at your digital aims and objectives, and discuss your digital aspirations.

Stage 2: Plan

With a clear understanding of your business and objectives we then look to outline a clear digital strategy to meet your requirements and address the challenges you face. Depending on your digital requirements, your strategy may simply be a series of top-level recommendations. Or for more complex needs, we can develop a detailed proposal for a digital strategy, comprising key tasks and deliverables. This will indicate clearly who is responsible for each task, and how to track and monitor all activity most effectively.

Stage 3: Implement

With a clear digital strategy, we begin implementing the strategy, collaborating with you and your internal teams as required.

Contents is king

One of the most important factors when defining an effective strategy is content. Content plays an incredibly important role in making sure your digital strategy is as impactful as it can be. Great content not only ensures your customers clearly understand what you do, but also helps raise your digital profile and gets you noticed.

At Liven Creative, one of our key strengths is providing a fully integrated service. When it comes to copywriting, we can help you with every aspect, from defining your proposition to market, to clearly conveying your business’ strengths and defining your products and services. If your target audience can clearly relate to you before they engage with your business, you’re far more likely to win and retain business.

Effective Digital Strategy

Whether you’re simply seeking advice and guidance on how best to launch a new product or service, we can help. To discuss your digital strategy requirements, call Liven Creative on 01483 331250 or contact us by completing our contact form.

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