Name generation

The best brand names are simple and memorable. They feel natural, as if they were just plucked from the air, and are somehow synonymous with everything the brand is about. But achieving this typically involves a complex creative process, requires experience in linguistics and marketing, and entails research and dealing with trademark law. And with more brands now than ever, finding a name that hits the mark and can be legally protected is increasingly challenging.

A strong brand name is a huge asset, and one worth investing time, consideration and expertise in. When undertaking brand naming we aim to ensure yours is not only unique and impactful, but also feels natural and encompasses your brand’s character and what it stands for. Ultimately, it’s so much more than a name. It’s everything about you in one or two words, and stands you apart from everyone else. And of course, it must anticipate growth, remaining relevant and meaningful however your business evolves. On a purely practical level, it must be available – not only as a trademark, but also as a URL – and ideally across all your target markets if you have or seek an international presence.

At Liven Creative we understand the subtle balance that successful brand naming requires, and we can help you establish a name that will become a cornerstone of your brand identity and ongoing success. We can also offer guidance on subtle alterations to existing brand names, to better match what your brand has become and where you see it in the future.

How brand naming works
We start by finding out as much as we can about your business, product or service, including how you and your customers perceive it, and your long-term goals. Combining this with our insight and experience, we then develop and propose a range of available brand names, factoring in any ideas you’ve already explored or dismissed, and ruling out any that are too similar to already established names. We also tend to avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or remember, or any that include hyphens.

Our process

Create name criteria

1. All great names need to be judged against positioning goals, performance criteria and availablilty within a sector. With this in mind we set the goals from the start.

Brainstorm solutions

2. We create numerous name options and organise them into themes and categories.

Testing / check for conflicts

3. We conduct a number of searches to determine the availability of the chosen names.

Legal screening

4. The chosen name is registered. We’ll work with trademark lawyers to pinpoint names with the best chance of clearing legal hurdles.


5. The next stage is to consider what launch materials are required, we can help bring out the personality of your new name with our branding services.

We don’t use algorithms, market testing or point-based rating systems for brand naming. For us, it’s simple: you either like it or you don’t, but we’re happy to provide context to our suggestions and show how they’d apply in various real-world scenarios.

Our brand naming promise is to ensure you don’t fall in love with a brand name you can’t have, so we take great care over all trademark factors, URL availability and cultural checks.

What’s in a name?

Today’s successful entrepreneurs and businesses know how brand naming is key to achieving brand recognition and market exposure – and to connecting with your target audiences. Liven Creative has created powerful brand names for a wide range of B2B and B2C clients and their products and services.

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