Identity design

Maybe you’re looking to create a new identity for your business or sub-brand, or seeking guidance on how best to evolve your current brand identity to reflect your growth, success and ambition. Whichever it is, Liven Creative has the insight, experience and expertise to help – we’ve developed hugely impactful identity designs for businesses operating nationally and internationally.

The inter-related features of identity design should work in harmony to ensure you communicate your offering to customers in unique and compelling ways. They include your identity mark, colour palette, fonts, images and graphics styling, and collectively provide the foundations for all of your brand collateral. In turn, they engage with your target audiences on emotional and rational levels, and ensure clear differentiation from your competitors.

Why Identity Design is so important
We live and work in a world of brands, each with its own distinct identity. As a business, you therefore need to seize every opportunity to establish your brand in your customers’ minds, in ways that reflect your identity accurately and encourage your audiences to engage with you. Truly effective identity design must be visually ‘in tune’ with their desires, preferences, values and lifestyles, as well as what your brand stands for. This ensures your brand identity is true to you, and helps you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. It also makes your audiences more likely to identify and interact with you beyond the purely transactional level, which is great for building enduring relationships.

Strong identities have greater impact, which improves brand performance

Achieving impactful Identity Design
As a successful agency providing Strategy, Branding and Digital services to national and international brands across the sectors, we have extensive experience in creating identities that take brands and businesses to the next level. We understand the skills and subtleties involved in creating identities that extend brands’ reach, and apply our expertise to all elements of visual styling – including fonts, colour palettes, and graphic and image styling.

The Liven Creative approach to Identity Design
We begin with a brand audit to establish a clear and comprehensive understanding of your business. This ‘discovery phase’ determines your key strengths, unique attributes and target audiences, and assesses your market position, competition and aspirations. With this in-depth knowledge and insight, we’re equipped to collaborate with you and create a powerful new identity that will boost your brand.

Next, we present concepts to you. Each is based on a unique and compelling proposition, and comes with full rationale – and we’ll guide you through how we would apply it and develop it further, and include detailed recommendations for font, colours, imagery and graphic styling.

As we see it, truly effective identity design should always be conceptually led. It’s more a methodical journey of discovery than a ‘eureka moment’ – although these can happen along the way. For us, it’s about taking an idea from strength to strength, and challenging it continuously from many different perspectives to ensure it stands up to scrutiny. Of course, we look to involve you at every stage, with review workshops throughout the process. These keep everyone on the same page, and allow us to provide expert guidance along with reasoning for the routes we’ve chosen, and to take your feedback on board.

Your new identity will be unique to you, and define a graphical style that expresses your vision and status with utmost precision. It will convey your brand’s very own personality and style in engaging and memorable ways, and intrigue and inform people so they’re compelled to find out more.

Your Identity Design project will typically establish:
• a new logo mark
• your unique colour palette
• a font library and unique typographical styling
• an image library and graphical systems.

Like many growing businesses, you might be looking to develop sub-brands for key products and services, and this is where our branding expertise can really be crucial. Liven Creative has helped several large companies create sub-brands that enjoy distinctive market presence in their own right, while retaining that all- important association with – and continuity with – the overarching brand identity.

Trademark registration
You’ll most likely want to protect your investment in your new brand identity by trademarking your new logo mark. We can liaise with your legal team to guarantee protection of your new brand in your key markets; for example, with registering and enforcing trademarks, or tackling domain-name infringements. This is often overlooked, but considering how best to protect your identity design in specific industries, categories and regions is a key aspect of our branding service.

Identifying your creative routes to success

To begin the journey to a refreshed or all-new identity design, or simply to discuss potential ways to achieve more through our services and expertise, talk to the team at Liven Creative. We have extensive experience creating successful and enduring identities for national and international businesses.

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