Saying the right things to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, is crucial to business success. Good writing allows you to express yourself clearly and persuasively, and to engage in meaningful ways with customers on both emotional and rational levels. Liven Creative provides the full range of expert copywriting services to clients across a broad range of sectors.

Every brand benefits from having a strong, clear and unique ‘voice’ that sounds like them and engages with existing and potential customers as if it’s one person having a normal conversation with another – about things that matter to them both. We help businesses identify, establish and maintain a compelling tone of voice that truly reflects their character and worth across its audiences. It’s all part of creating the high-quality content essential to promoting your business effectively.

Securing your connection…
In today’s ever-more connected world, businesses depend increasingly on good content to promote products and services, build brand awareness and engage with wider audiences. Content is no longer about saying something for the sake of it – it now has to be on-brand and worthy of readers’ precious time. Good copywriting is key to achieving unique and distinctive content that communicates who you are, what you do and why it matters, in accessible and stimulating ways. Ensuring a consistent ‘tone of voice’ that reflects your brand will not only help you convey important marketing messages, but will also encourage existing and potential customers to engage more readily with you.

Defining and applying your brand tone of voice
When writing content on your brand’s behalf, we look to define your audience(s) and how you like to communicate with them, and then ensure we reflect your offering and positioning with a structured approach to relaying key messages. Your tone of voice should be consistent across all marketing channels, so it becomes recognisable as ‘you’ and more likely to attract and retain attention.

Tone of voice in action
Liven Creative works extensively with businesses looking to define and develop their brands at critical stages in their growth. A big part of this involves helping clients to define themselves, which makes it so much easier for them to communicate their unique propositions consistently in a crowded marketplace. This then informs a brand strategy that’s built on key pillars of strengths and brand values, which then shine through naturally in its content.

Copywriting and SEO
For us, powerful copywriting can work hand in hand with search engine optimisation to ensure brands and businesses are saying the right things, and reaching the right audiences. Today’s SEO is as much about the relevance and quality of your content than keywords, and rewards compelling writing with higher search rankings, so we look to ensure your content is working hard on your behalf.

It’s not just what you say…

How you say it can make a big difference to your reader’s reaction. Talk to Liven Creative about the power of brand tone of voice, and the difference professional writing can make.

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