We believe it’s vital to invest in corporate stationery that reflects your brand identity.

When developing your overall communications and marketing strategy, it’s easy to overlook the little things, like business cards, compliment slips, letterheads and email signatures. These items are sometimes treated as an afterthought, yet they’re often the first impression a prospective client or partner has of your business and brand.

Business Card Design
At Liven Creative we like to design business cards that are visually stunning, and printed on great stocks with a first-class finish. When it comes to business card stationery design, we believe a traditional ‘wallet’ size is best, so people hold on to them – and they also fit in standard cardholders in brochure packs. They’re more cost-effective when it comes to printing, too.

Letterhead Design
When it comes to letterhead stationery design, we look for that fine balance between creating a design that’s eye catching, easy to read and complementary to your brand, and leaving ample space for your letter content. We can also design and set up letterhead templates for your digital correspondence.

Compliment Slip Design
A compliment slip is another often-overlooked but really important piece of stationery, and at Liven Creative we like to ensure your stationery design leaves sufficient room for personalised notes and contact details – while also allowing space for a strapline or image that reinforces the visual and verbal essence of your brand.

Email Signatures
Email signatures are effectively a digital business card, and merit equal consideration when it comes to design. At Liven Creative, our stationery design recommendation for email signatures is to keep things simple. There are two reasons for this – firstly, to ensure consistent visual style for email signatures across multiple platforms (for example, on Mac and PC), and secondly to make sure they always look great, whether people read your emails on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Impactful stationery design

Looking to make the right first impression? Our stationery design service ensures your new stationery will look stunning.

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