Done well, signage design can be an integral part of effective branding. It’s a great way to communicate in visually striking ways, and can be an extension of how your business communicates what it does and stands for.

When creating signage, the main consideration is where it will feature, but it’s also important to consider a variety of other signage design factors. For example, finding the right size so people can read it from a distance, and making sure it’s sufficiently striking and engaging to generate interest, but within your existing brand guidelines.

Liven Creative’s signage design service is ideal if you’re looking to create signage people will notice and remember – from large outdoor designs to retail PoS (point of sale) signs, to general way finding options for shops and offices that enhance the look and feel of an interior space. For indoor and outdoor signs we’re happy to complete site inspections and provide initial recommendations and advice. From our experience, the best signage keeps messaging to its bare minimum, so people on the move can read and understand it easily.

Signage Fabrication
Once we’ve designed your signage, we can work directly with your preferred manufacturer, supplying artwork and proof-checking before they go ahead with fabrication. Or if you prefer, we’re happy to oversee every aspect, from design to fabrication, to installation. Liven Creative is always looking into new fabrication and installation techniques, and continuously seeks exciting new ways to push the boundaries of the signage design process.

Signage Design that leads the way

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