Branded Comms

How do your customers engage with your brand? Through online ads? Email advertising? Printed promotional materials? Social media? All of the above? Chances are, existing and potential customers interact with your brand in a range of ways, via a blend of branded communications online and in print.

The channels they respond to most readily will differ, but the key to making the most of your branded comms is ensuring your brand is visually and verbally consistent while maximising the opportunities each channel presents. You can do things in print that you can’t do in e-shots or social media posts – and vice versa – but provided you convey the same fundamental brand characteristics wherever you communicate, your key messages are far more likely to hit home.

As well as providing proven expertise in all things digital, Liven Creative can help you extend brand reach by making your print communications more versatile, and fit for communicating consistent and compelling messages supported by your digital channels. We can also help ensure your branded print comms grow with you, and remain highly relevant and authentic across a wider scope of customer interactions.

Print Communications
We love working with all aspects of print, and firmly believe it still has a crucial role to play in successful marketing. Many brands have suffered by neglecting the physical side of brand interaction and putting too many eggs in their digital basket, but people will always enjoy the tactile experience of interacting with brands through brochures, flyers, clever mailing campaigns and pleasing packaging. Then your brand-consistent digital comms allow them to find out more and continue their journey with you. It’s a winning combination that begins with physical interaction.

We’ve a long history of excellence in printed communications, and we’re the first point of contact for a wide range of clients and their unique print requirements, because we understand the value it adds. We like to work with striking fonts, stunning imagery and heavy stocks, and create high-quality print communications that have not only immediate impact, but also enduring physical presence.

A conceptually led brochure design speaks volumes about your business, and quality paper stocks and great imagery can really attract and impress your audience. Our Brochure Design service is ideal if you’re looking to create or refresh any aspect of your printed promotional material.

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Packaging can be a great way to engage with people. Bold designs and subtle touches can intrigue and involve people with your brand in new ways, so if you’re looking to create or refresh any aspect of your packaging, we’re always excited by the opportunity to ‘get physical’. From simple but effective on-brand labelling to illustrative 3D concepts, Liven Creative’s Packaging Design service is ideal if you’re looking to further establish brand consistency and delight an even wider audience.

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Direct Mail
Liven Creative’s Direct Mail Design services are ideal for any business looking to reach a large audience and leave lasting impressions. We’re proven experts in planning, designing and rolling out smart direct mail campaigns that keep audiences informed and engaged with your brand.

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Our Stationery Design service includes producing stunning on-brand business cards, letterheads, compliments slips, email signatures and digital comms templates that help to convey further confidence and consistency whenever you communicate.

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From bold outdoor signage to stylish internal signs that inspire and inform customers and clients, Liven Creative’s expert Signage Design service is ideal for businesses looking to achieve eye-catching messaging on an often-overlooked channel.

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Time to take stock of your branded comms?

Whether it’s an appraisal and re-think of existing collateral, or time to start afresh, Liven Creative loves branded comms projects. We help brands flourish and engage more powerfully with their target audiences across a range of channels.

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