Brand guidelines

Whatever your market, a stronger brand will make you more competitive. And the more you put into documenting and protecting your brand’s fundamental characteristics, the better it will serve your organisation. If you’re looking to overhaul your existing brand guidelines, or want to establish basic rules that ensure quality, consistency and ownership of the values that underpin and evolve your business, we’re the experts who can help.

We call it Brand Guardianship. This sets out clear and simple rules for making sure the visual and verbal components of your brand remain consistent wherever they appear. Liven Creative provides brand guardianship services to a range of well- established businesses, taking responsibility for their brands and creating useful tools to help internal comms teams manage things proactively as the brand develops.

A brands that rings true will go a long way
The most instantly recognisable and successful brands are fully consistent in their visual style and written tone of voice. With visual and verbal messaging that becomes recognisable as ‘you’, your brand achieves familiarity and conveys confidence and reliability to your target audiences. When done well, this simply strengthens your market position every time you communicate, and your brand’s true character becomes second nature.

Why Brand Guardianship matters so much
As your business’ opportunities and challenges evolve and become more complex, your brand must work harder to reach a wider, more diverse audience, and be more responsive to the market(s) it operates in. Yet the fundamentals of how it communicates must remain simple… and consistent. This is where brand guardianship comes in:

Securing consistency across channels
Beyond traditional printed promotional materials such as brochures and business cards, the sheer range of digital platforms and channels that brands can communicate on continues to grow. This can be both exciting and daunting, but one of the key ingredients for success is to apply brand guardianship in ensuring that whatever you do looks and sounds like you, and builds familiarity and affinity wherever it appears.

Making your brand work harder
If your brand is in its initial stages of growth, or if the current market is challenging, you may not want to invest in a full re-brand. But this is when your pitches have to be more impressive and convey consistent, confident messaging, and your presentation skills need to be sharper. Through brand guardianship, we help you achieve the best results from the collateral you already have – and ensure you compete cost-effectively and win more business.

With clear rules for your brand, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you create new marketing, and there’s far less risk of coming across as unsure of who you are and what you stand for. Brand guardianship frees you up to focus on what’s most important: engaging with the market consistently and confidently.

Brand Guardianship services
Your brand is perhaps your most valuable asset, and Liven Creative can help you retain its intrinsic value and protect it as it grows, with three distinct services:

Brand Audit
This entails working with your marketing team to review all your marketing materials and determine how your customers and prospective clients currently perceive you. We can then offer expert advice and guidance, and create a comprehensive but easy-to-implement communications strategy that covers recommended improvements, preferred approaches to multi-channel marketing, and carefully refined messaging that remains in tune with your brand wherever it appears.

Brand Guidelines
Are your brand guidelines clear, relevant to where you are today, and easy to apply? Do your marketing people refer to them in everything they do?

Brand guidelines provide a crucial point of reference for anyone communicating on your behalf, whether that’s your internal marketing team or an external agency. They ensure your identity – including your values, philosophy, proposition and key visual and verbal elements – remain consistently ‘on brand’. Understanding and applying brand guidelines is a vital part of effective brand guardianship.

Liven Creative is a ‘brand champion’ for several clients. Through regular brand clinics, we provide them with expert advice and practical guidance, and share best practice as they face new challenges and opportunities, and update brand guidelines wherever improvements can be made.

Consider a Brand Book
Effective brand guardianship is about ensuring all staff can communicate the key pillars of your brand, no matter how long they have been part of the business. A great way to achieve this is by creating a simple but well-executed brand book
– an engaging and informative reference that illustrates your brand’s story, and helps your people buy into your vision.

Looking after No.1 – your brand’s ‘true self’

Liven Creative’s Brand Guardianship services ensure you portray your brand’s fundamental character in the best possible light, and promote it consistently across digital and print channels. Is it time you considered documenting or revising your existing brand guidelines, or establishing basic rules to ensure consistent, compelling visual and verbal messaging.

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