Brand development

As businesses evolve, their messaging will naturally change to reflect new products and services, and new initiatives and target markets. The more successful businesses, however, recognise that good branding is key to their growth and success, and that it can achieve crucial standout in increasingly competitive markets. They’re the ones that invest in fresh strategic and creative input from insight-driven creative agencies like ours.

Perhaps your business has grown considerably in recent times, reaching new markets with an expanded offer. Or perhaps things have slowed or stagnated somewhat, and your existing branding feels like part of the problem – a bit tired and flat. Either way, you’re clearly in need of some fresh, strategically driven creativity to accurately reflect not just where you are today, but also where you aim to be tomorrow.

At Liven Creative, Brand Development typically involves working with some elements of your existing brand identity, but focuses on developing a visual and verbal styling that better represents your brand, and conveys its strengths in clear, compelling and unique ways. The ultimate aim is to stand you apart from your peers, and achieve an enduring presence in the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Alternatively, if you think it’s time to start afresh and give your brand a thorough overhaul, we also provide a comprehensive range of brand strategy services.

Why brand development matters
To remain relevant, brands must change and evolve over time – change brings opportunity. But rather than take a passive approach and react to change, it can work wonders to be proactive, and bring about the changes you seek. This can happen alongside creating business cases for operational changes, or shifts in emphasis or direction, and matching branding to this can be a crucial component of successful growth.

With Liven Creative’s proven brand development expertise, you’ll be well equipped to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Liven Creative’s Brand Development service
We pride ourselves in being a leading provider of Brand Development Services. Often, we work with brands or sub-brands that have been around for several years, but aren’t engaging as effectively with their respective target audiences as they should. Like them, we see the potential, and apply our years of insight and experience to help them achieve more. Businesses and organisations often approach us when they’re at a crossroads with their brand, and we help them take the right creative direction.

Our approach to brand development
Working closely with your internal teams and senior management, we begin by leading a series of discussions designed to give us a clear and detailed understanding of your business and its branding requirements – and how your staff, and existing and prospective customers currently perceive you. Meanwhile, we analyse and review your direct competitors, how they operate in the market, and how you can differentiate from them. We then identify the best channels for communicating with your target audiences, and the key messages you want to convey to them, along with clear commercial objectives for developing your brand and growing your business.

This comprehensive approach helps us to define a strategy that details the aspects of brand development that need addressing. For example, it may mean defining your brand’s key pillars of strength, redefining your products and services, looking more closely at your target audiences, or overhauling your visual styling and written tone to raise your profile – or a combination of several elements.

A great way to demonstrate this strategic thinking and get your brand moving in the right direction from the outset, is to treat it as a live project. This means you get to see the elements at work in context straight away, as we work with you to develop it to sign-off. You then have excellent foundations on which to roll out the refreshed brand across your business.

Time to make some changes?

If your brand isn’t living up to your expectations, it’s not living up to your potential customers’, either. The remedy starts with an informal chat with Liven Creative – we’ve extensive experience and proven abilities in brand development, and have worked wonders for businesses across many sectors.

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