Your brand is critical to the success of your business. It’s something that people identify, engage, interact and build relationships with. And as such, it’s arguably your biggest asset, so it’s important to make sure it’s a true and compelling reflection of your business.

Logos, fonts and colour schemes are only part of the picture. A truly powerful brand can confidently express your reason for being and your company personality, in every aspect of your customer-facing comms.

Our Branding
Name Generation

A strong brand name is a huge asset and one worth investing time and effort in. Ultimately, it’s so much more than just a name – it has to fit your business now, resonate with your customers and remain relevant as you grow and evolve.

At Liven we understand the nuances of a successful brand name and we’ll come up with something that encompasses your brand personality and what you stand for. (We can also offer guidance on subtle alterations to existing brand names).

Brand Identity

As a business, you must establish a distinct brand in your customers’ minds, to pull them into your orbit.

For a brand identity to be truly effective, it must be true to your business and visually in tune with your customer needs, values and lifestyle. A strong brand identity is one your customers can identify with beyond the purely transactional, to help build an enduring customer connection.


Plenty of businesses operate perfectly well without one, but a well thought-out strapline can add a unique and memorable addition to your business and can give you a competitive edge.

A strapline’s job is to make you stand out by getting people’s attention and keeping you front of mind. It tells your audience more about the brand – whether that’s a brand promise (The Ultimate Driving Machine – BMW) or revealing another side of the brand that connects easily with people (Think Different – Apple).the right reasons. It also makes your audiences more likely to identify and interact with you beyond the purely transactional level, which is great for building enduring relationships.

Brand development

To remain relevant and continue attracting opportunity, brands must change and evolve over time. Rather than a passive approach of merely reacting to change, proactively managing your brand moving forward, will keep you relevant and front of mind.

Brand Guidelines

Are your brand guidelines clear to everyone in your business? Are they relevant to where you are today? Are they easy to apply? Does your marketing team refer to them in their day to day?

Brand guidelines provide a crucial point of reference for anyone communicating on your behalf; be that your internal marketing team or an external agency. They guide your entire identity; values, philosophy, proposition and key visual and verbal elements – to remain consistently ‘on brand’. Understanding and applying brand guidelines is a vital part of effective brand guardianship.

Liven Creative remains a ‘brand champion’ for several clients. Through regular brand clinics, we provide them with best practice, expert guidance and we monitor and update brand guidelines as and when required.


You’ll want to trademark your logo to protect against anyone copying it. We can liaise with your legal team to protect your new brand across your key markets (industries, categories and regions). This often over looked area has seen many businesses come unstuck – by having to share their brand identity with another party.

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