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Whether you’re looking to create a new identity design for your business or sub-brand, or want guidance and advice on evolving your existing brand identity, we can help. Liven Creative has extensive experience creating effective identity designs for companies operating nationally and internationally.

Identity Design

At Liven Creative we’ve extensive experience as a branding agency, developing inspiring identity designs for regional, national and international brands and businesses.

As a branding agency, we fully appreciate the importance of identity design, and the skills and subtleties involved in creating a brand identity that’s genuinely effective in extending your reach. Our identity design services involve creating unique identity marks, and extend to all elements of font creation and manipulation.

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Identity Design service

Like any top branding agency, we start the process with a brand audit. This means developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of your business, including its key strengths, unique attributes and target audiences. We’ll also assess your market position, competition and aspirations. Armed with this information, we’ll begin working closely with you to build and establish a powerful new identity that truly reflects your brand.

As we progress towards your new identity design, we’ll present a number of initial concepts to you. Each will be based on a unique and compelling proposition, with full rationale, and we’ll guide you through how we propose to apply it and develop it further as your brand.

The way we see it, truly effective identity design should always be conceptually led. After all, it’s a creative journey, not just a eureka moment. It’s about working with an idea until it’s sharply honed, and then challenging it continuously to ensure it stands up to scrutiny. It’s about being continually self-critical and always searching for improvement.

Your new identity will be unique to you, and define a graphical style that will express your vision and status precisely. So, as your dedicated branding agency, we’ll help you create your very own personality and style – one that truly reflects the nature and character of your business, stands out from the crowd, and becomes immediately recognisable as ‘you’. To achieve this, we strongly recommend a series of review workshops, in which we provide expert guidance and reasoning for the routes we’ve chosen, and take your feedback on board.

Your branding agency

With Liven Creative as your branding agency, your identity design project will typically establish:

• a new logo mark
• your unique colour palette
• a font library and unique typographical styling
• an image library and graphical systems.

Our Identity Design service for sub-brands

Like many growing businesses, you might be looking to develop sub-brands for key products and services. This is where our branding agency expertise can really be crucial – Liven Creative has helped several large companies create sub-brands that now enjoy a distinctive market presence in their own right, yet retain that all-important association with the overarching corporate identity.

Identity Design trademark registration

Chances are you’ll want to protect your investment in a new identity design, by trademarking your new logo mark. As branding agency experts, we can work with your legal team to guarantee sufficient protection of your new brand in your key markets. This might involve registering and enforcing trademarks or tackling digital domain-name infringements effectively. Part of our branding agency service is to consider how best to protect your identity design in specific industries, categories and regions.

Effective identity design

To create a new identity design, or to secure expert branding agency guidance and advice on evolving your existing brand identities, talk to the team at Liven Creative. We have extensive experience creating successful and enduring identities for national and international businesses.

To discuss your requirements, request a quote, or simply to find out more about this and other services we provide, complete our contact form, call us on 01483 331250, or get in touch via our Contact Us page.



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