Brand Positioning

An effective brand positioning exercise is a must-have for any company looking to stand out in its market and attract more customers – whatever its size and industry. Remember, potential clients will have numerous competitors to choose from, so effective brand positioning can swing their buying decisions in your favour.

Most companies understand the concept of brand positioning, but many fail to put it to best effect. It’s easy to say your brand should be professional, ethical, or fun, but this is just the first stage. At Liven Creative, we not only help you create a personality for your brand, but also make sure you differentiate noticeably from your direct competitors.

Brand Positioning Service

Liven Creative has created a proven five-stage approach to effective brand positioning:

Stage 1: Establishing Brand Values

For Liven Creative, brand positioning starts by establishing or refining a set of brand values, which will be integral to your brand personality and be reflected in all your internal and external marketing and branding – in digital and print communications.

Stage 2: Defining a Brand Philosophy

With your brand values established, Liven Creative then develops a compelling and emotive brand philosophy. This supports your status and company vision, and is a written statement similar to Liven Creative’s Igniting Ideas™ Philosophy. It highlights your business’ clear brand positioning differentiators and strengths, and identifies the emotional triggers that will get clients engaging more readily with your brand.

Stage 3: Creating a Brand Proposition

Once Liven Creative has defined your brand philosophy clearly, we create and refine your written brand proposition. This is a clear, rational and easy-to-understand statement of your offering that adopts terminology your clients expect. Equally, though, we help you steer clear of jargon and clichés, and find your own distinctive voice for communicating what you provide, and the reasons people should choose you over your competitors.

Stage 4: Defining Visual & Verbal Language

Liven Creative then looks to define an effective visual and verbal language to differentiate you from your direct competitors. This gives you a solid foundation on which to build all branding, digital and printed communications.

During this brand positioning phase, we define a unique image styling, and outline how to use graphical elements. We provide expert guidance on which typefaces to use, including font sizes, typographic styling and hierarchy. We then define your primary, secondary and tertiary colour palettes, ensuring these work with coated and uncoated print stocks, and digital elements.

Stage 5: Brand Book & Brand Guidelines

To ensure successful rollout and buy-in of your new brand positioning, we recommend creating a brand book and brand guidelines. A brand book is, in effect, an illustrated guide to the new brand positioning, for all staff. Meanwhile, brand guidelines are a clear reference guide for anyone creating marketing material, ensuring you achieve brand consistency and effective brand positioning.

Effective Brand Positioning

We have proven expertise in creating distinctive brand positions that will help you clearly define your key strengths and differentiators and engage with your target audience. To discuss your brand positioning requirements, call 01483 331250 – or email us.

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